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Vampire/Spellcaster child?



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    Lapras751Lapras751 Posts: 4 New Member
    I'm sorry for this necro, but this is the post that came up in Google when I was looking up stuff about vampire/spellcaster hybrids. My child has finally grown to a teen, and she has Vampire needs, but Spellcaster perks. She has no Spellcaster charge. She can travel to the Magic Realm with her Glimmerstone. Her parents were GM Vampire+Virtuouso caster. I haven't played around with her much just yet, but I'm worried about bugs. I'd upload a picture of her Needs screen here but I can't, likely due to lack of forum points and such.
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    Sketch793Sketch793 Posts: 1,218 Member
    The simplest thing to do is just get rid of the hybrid problem by curing her vampirism or removing her spellcaster status. You're right to be worried about bugs since the game makes no provision for occult hybrids.

    You can cure vampirism by making the Ultimate Vampire Cure at a bar and drinking it. I think you get the recipe at level 15 of Vampire Lore and it requires 10 plasma fruit, 10 garlic, and 10 wolfsbane. You can harvest those from plants in Forgotten Hollow, grow the plants yourself, or just buy enough seedpacks.

    Removing her spellcaster status is even easier. Just go to the Realm of Magic, find any sage, and ask for the Rite of Dissolution. She might need to introduce herself first but I don't think there's any relationship requirement beyond that.
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    lisamwittlisamwitt Posts: 5,139 Member
    Came across this thread googling the issue this morning.
    My Spellcasters were living on a lot with the dark ley line trait and I wasn't really concerned because they said they patched out hybrids. When they had their twins, it looked like they were vampires, but now that they are teens I see that they are actually hybrids. I'm trying to decide which occult state to cure. Maybe I'll do one of each.

    Hybrids could exist in Sims 2 because it was all mostly superficial, but it was still fun. I wish they'd worked in a way to have some this time around.
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