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Immune to magic traits

Can we had some kind of immune to magic from spellcaster, vampire, alien and mermaid spell? To get traits is in reward store. What do you think? I think spellcaster, vampire, mermaid, alien are powerful than normal sims. Or spell resist?

I did post this feedback or suggestion.


  • LaBlue0314LaBlue0314 Posts: 16,259 Member
    They set it up to where the only place magic will be freely done by spell casters is in the magical world. They are not supposed to do any kind of magic in the other worlds, but this won't prevent the player from doing so if they choose to. So far the only thing I've seen is where other sims want to duel mine from time to time.
  • Humility925Humility925 Posts: 120 Member
    Oh, it's more fun this way, it's had nothing to do with that kind of thing. :) It's more of fun thing to do.
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