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Mods similar to MCC to delete specific genders

Hey hey everyone

So I was playing Sims 4 a bit ago and found a mod, MCC Population. In that, I was able to delete all Sims of a specific gender (for my only female in a sea of males self-challenge, heh). It's a really plum time, but I was wondering if there is something similar for Sims 3? I do not think Twailan created one like this, and I'd rather gouge out my own eyes than go to those fools at MATY for ideas.

Does anyone know how this could be done with or without mods? I'd like to be able to change the gender of generated sims as well.

Thanks much!


  • igazorigazor Posts: 17,580 Member
    edited September 13
    There is no single-step way to do what you require in TS3. NRaas mods can be used to find and remove sims of a particular gender, but that won't stop more of them from being generated.

    -- To change sims' genders, you would have to bring them into CAS one by one to edit them. MasterController could be used to find them all. It might make more sense in this case to start with a world that is not pre-populated and/or use MC to Totally Annihilate the existing population in the beginning, other than your active household of course.
    -- StoryProgression could be used to insist that new births are always a particular gender, as well as newly arriving resident immigrants, Service Sims, and NPC Roommates (SP Population module required for those last bits). There is nothing that will work in an automated kind of way on second and more sims of a multiple birth (the second twin, the second and third triplet) as their genders will always be random.
    -- Role Sims might be tricky as they are spawned by a different process, but NRaas Register could be used to insist that only unemployed residents can be assigned to role giving objects. Or, another way, that only the player can make such assignments.
    -- Tourists from other worlds, if you have other worlds in play within the same game save, cannot be controlled this way but Register can be used to shut down tourism entirely.

    Not sure about adoptions as to whether they will follow the lead of the pregnancy gender settings. Adoptions can be disallowed across the board, but then that raises questions as to where the next generation is to come from unless you had a plan for that in mind already by way of same gender pregnancies, for example.

    Some special case sims like vehicle drivers are essentially hands-off, but most of us don't often see these sims outside of their vehicles.

    Perhaps you might settle for a world that is mostly one gender going forward and step in to "fix" (or not, as preferred) the exceptions that are likely to slip through? If you need help with any of the above, I would suggest bringing the questions to us at NRaas as some of the settings required above are a bit advanced and so we don't have to trip over one of the mods I haven't mentioned and that we are not really allowed to discuss here. :)
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  • DemyanoSlavDemyanoSlav Posts: 567 Member
    Thank you!! A lot of great info here!
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