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Situation outfits

EIisabettaEIisabetta Posts: 5,628 Member
edited September 12 in The Sims 4 PC Game Feedback
Situation outfits were a good idea but, with the random way the 'ai' chooses outfits, it was never going to work. I would suggest getting rid of them entirely but, I have an additional suggestion.

Why not create predetermined outfits, along the lines of the styled outfits, for townies to wear during certain situations? Would we end up with a lot of townies dressed exactly the same? Sure. But we would also not have townies wandering around in utterly mismatched outfits that make zero sense.

Or, you know, you could get rid of situation outfits in a patch and just let sims wear their everyday clothing.

Edit: I do use mods to disable them but, a lot of people don't want to use mods in their game this would solve the problem for them, too.
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  • thecatsredthecatsred Posts: 169 Member
    edited September 14
    I'd rather the situation outfits were just removed entirely.

    I do not think they were a good idea.

    The only time it makes sense is at geek con and even then.... barely. They still prefer CC that SHOULD be disabled for randoms and end up looking dumb. I hate when my sims I dress end up looking crazy at some event.
  • RouenpucelleRouenpucelle Posts: 1,035 Member
    I would be sad if they were removed. I enjoy the randomness. I would prefer the ability to toggle them on or off so everyone would be happy.
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  • thecatsredthecatsred Posts: 169 Member
    Maybe it could be toggled "off" for played households by default?
  • EIisabettaEIisabetta Posts: 5,628 Member
    I wouldn't mind a toggle. Honestly, it's rather badly implemented as is. I love the costumes at Geek Con, those are mostly right. The rest are just BAD. It wouldn't be so bad if they at least mostly matched or chose full-body outfits over separate pieces and didn't often attempt to put accessories in every single slot (sock with flip flops, can we PLEASE get rid of that?).

    But, also, having a set of outfits like the styled outfits the sims can choose from for situation outfits would fix a lot of the weirdness. I just don't like the sims in my game looking like a color-blind clown dressed them (unless I mean them to be that way, which should be the exception rather than the rule :D ).
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