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Do you like CAS idle animations?


  • SindocatSindocat Posts: 4,588 Member
    the third option
    It can be a bit much, but also it is useful to observe outfits, hair, body shape etc. in motion. I wouldn't mind a toggle to animate the Sim so I can check that all out, but have them stand still (or mostly still) while I work.
  • silentcyborgsilentcyborg Posts: 170 Member
    Ugh. I haaaate them - especially the elder animation. The crack makes me wince, and something about it - the continual bending down maybe - gives me a headache if I edit them in cas for too long. I know some people like them, so I'd really just appreciate an easy switch (I know you can get them to stand still with cheats, but that's hard :D ).
  • logionlogion Posts: 1,413 Member
    the third option
    For normal sims, yes. For occults. No, they move around too much.
  • GrumpyGlowfishGrumpyGlowfish Posts: 1,338 Member
    Editing sims' faces isn't so bad because they actually stop fidgeting if you zoom in close enough. But editing their bodies, I always feel like a surgeon trying to operate on a patient who just won't stop moving. Vampires and witches are the worst in this regard, especially because they repeat their elaborate animations every five seconds!
  • SAEldarinSAEldarin Posts: 353 Member
    the third option
    I like them, but would prefer if they were far less frequent.

  • SharoniaSharonia Posts: 2,031 Member
    the third option
    I don't mind the animations. The vampire growling can be a bit much though.
  • IcewolfIcewolf Posts: 535 Member
    I like the idle animations but they happen too frequent. To be honest I think they should only do the idle animations the first time when you choose whatever occult sim to make. I remember back when Vampires was released, that hissing animation drove me insane, haha.
  • DeafSimmerDeafSimmer Posts: 2,420 Member
    The animation is cool, but the idle happens a lot, so I had to zoom in if I want to exit CAS. Does the Stand Still mod still get updated or not? I've been considering it for quite a while.
  • CinebarCinebar Posts: 31,860 Member
    No, never have. Stand still darn it, I'm trying to fix your brows and stop moving and breathing.
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  • DianesimsDianesims Posts: 1,775 Member
    I agree. The spellcaster on is nice but annoying because they do it every 10 seconds.
    Chazzzy wrote: »
    sproot wrote: »
    I wouldn't mind them if it didn't occur every few seconds. It's a little much imo.


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  • CementCement Posts: 3,467 Member
    the third option
    I use the casclockspeed cheat to make them stop moving.
    I used to be able to zoom into their face and have them stop for about a minute and a half, but now they move a lot even zoomed so I'm using it a lot more.

    I don't really mind them since I like a few of them, but definitely not the occults doing the vampire snarling or spellcaster swishing.
  • Frn0731Frn0731 Posts: 7,068 Member
    Sometimes i find it annoying but I can put up with it.
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  • MaggieMarleyMaggieMarley Posts: 3,792 Member
    edited September 2019
    Where is the ‘hate’ option?

    ETA: Maybe they could make it so that occults would only do the idle animation in CAS if you clicked on the special occult picture which is over their traits. For examples, vampires have a picture of a vampire fafe over the traits box in CAS. Things could be changed so that vampires only hiss if you click on that picture. This would keep the animation for screenshot purposes but stop them doing it when you want them to hold still.
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  • RobinGreenthumbRobinGreenthumb Posts: 237 Member
    the third option
    I like them, I just dislike how much they play! Just please, sims team, reduce the animation likelihood by a lot and have it play when you first select them and maybe once every 10 minutes or something and that would be great.

    Apparently someone timed and it’s like once every 30 seconds 😩
  • Amj1995Amj1995 Posts: 3,907 Member
    I second that for the new spellcaster’s animation. I thought it was just me. 🤣
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  • RavenSpitRavenSpit Posts: 658 Member
    edited September 2019
    I do not mind the small animations like a little move of the arm or something, don't mind the headmovements either cause for editing the face I just zoom in and it is still, but I hate the vampire animation when I am trying to edit their body, also for screenshots...and I guess I won't like the spellcaster one either from what I am hearing.

    just to be clear, it's not how the animations look it's that some of them just get in the way of editing and become annoying after the 500th time.
    So I would greatly appreciate a way to disable them or make them like the pets, the don't move much instead you can choose between 3 different poses.
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  • simgirl1010simgirl1010 Posts: 16,705 Member
    the third option
    I honestly never notice. Then again I don't spend a lot of time in CAS. It's been a year or more since I created a sim. I use it mostly for outfit changes.
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  • OldeseadoggeOldeseadogge Posts: 2,771 Member
    Happens way too often so gets in the way of editing. Vampire one is hugely annoying, like enough already! From what I've seen it trailers & such, the magic user one will fall into the same category.
  • popstarsleypopstarsley Posts: 801 Member
    I’d prefer they hold still. Maybe they can add something to CAS like the Moschino pose toggle so we can try out other poses, animations or facial expressions if we really want to see them.
  • citysimmercitysimmer Posts: 5,834 Member
    the third option
    Eh, it depends. I like to take screenshots of them doing it sometimes.
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  • HermitgirlHermitgirl Posts: 8,197 Member
    edited September 2019
    the third option
    I'm in the middle. I sometimes like to take pictures of them in their animation for some reason, but usually I guess I'm zoomed in and don't notice it much. I don't spend much time in CAS if I can help it.
    Had to add I wouldn't like a wooden pose for them... maybe as an option..
  • Mariefoxprice83Mariefoxprice83 Posts: 7,095 Member
    Ugh. I haaaate them - especially the elder animation. The crack makes me wince, and something about it - the continual bending down maybe - gives me a headache if I edit them in cas for too long. I know some people like them, so I'd really just appreciate an easy switch (I know you can get them to stand still with cheats, but that's hard :D ).

    I like most of them but I definitely don't like the elder variant.
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  • So_MoneySo_Money Posts: 2,218 Member
    I’d be able to live with them if the animations eventually stopped and they stood still, but nope, as soon as you zoom the camera out they start moving again. It annoys the 🌺🌺🌺🌺 out of me.
  • mustenimusteni Posts: 4,021 Member
    the third option
    I kind of don't like them but then I wouldn't want them gone either, I think.
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  • smurfy77smurfy77 Posts: 1,016 Member
    the third option
    I don't mind those as much, as long as it did it like once, then they could be still. I find the vampire one the hardest when trying to use CAS
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