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Prevent Sims from leaving community lot when switching households?

One thing I really liked about the Sims 3 was I could switch to household B where Jim lives and have him go visit a bar/community lot with his friends. Then as they all arrive at the bar, I switch back to household A where Jill. I then take Jill and her best friend out to the same bar where Jim and his friends are hanging out. They meet for the first time and socialize.

I can't do this in the Sims 4, because the game "resets' community lots by either emptying them when you arrive or starting with nobody there to begin with then filling them up again.

So using previous example, in the Sims 4 when Jill arrives with her friend EVERYBODY including Jim (and the bartender) suddenly change clothing and leave the bar. Then brand new people show up.

This is incredibly frustrating if you want two unrelated people to be in the same place at once especially WITH two different group of friends.

I like to put pieces in play and see what happens. Maybe Jill will hit it off with one of Jims friends instead or her friend will hit if off with Jim too, ect.

But the Sims 4 wants to wipe the board clean each time. Even if you switch households when they are both on the same lot, the other household will suddenly leave.

So IS there some way or mod (or heck could even Maxis patch this) where when you visit a community lot with two different households without it resetting its visitors when you switch between them?

I get that the game wants to load each lot from scratch but it would also be nice if every place I arrived, my Sims weren't the only people there followed by a bus load of strangers all at once.


  • JoBass24usJoBass24us Posts: 1,593 Member
    Hmm..I don’t think there’s much you can do about that as it’s a game mechanic. I feel ya tho. It sucks when you are trying to orchestrate something to happen and it doesn’t. I’ve suffered thru that and have just waited and eventually the sim I want to show does show...kismet lol
  • GlacierSnowGlacierSnow Posts: 584 Member
    I frequently use the Get Together club system to make sure that specific sims show up at specific lots so that my sims can meet or interact with them. It's a little less controlled than what you used to do in Sims 3, because there is still a chance they won't show up during any specific visit, but if they are the only club that meets at that lot, the chance is still pretty high.
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