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Cribs and ladders

It’s taken me the entire sims 4 lifetime to realise we have ladders, at least in a minor sense of the word, and as to how, where and why? Lemme explain.

Maybe I’m a touch stupid, or blind, but the other day my sim was playing with his children, being the monster to their pirate adventure At their local park, watching as jr made his way up and down the crows nest I realise, he was climbing a ladder! Yes, we have pool ladders and the new edition from island living, but why aren’t ladders a possible way of going into upper floors? Or lower floors? Why aren’t they unlocked as a way of access overall?

After the stair update the other week, I have hope, which is why I’m here, to ask for ladders as another option to stairs! Sometimes we don’t want stairs because they’re too bulky or just not part of our design for a house, maybe we want a loft that you can only access via a pull down ladder or maybe a hideout for children looking to play hide and seek, or maybe your sim just wants to do some DIY and needs one to reach the gutters at the top of their home.

Do I believe ladders could be more than structural for homes or bunk beds, no, but do I believe they’re needed? Of course, the more options the better, and if you’re a simmer big on small home designs, a ladder could put you above the rest, simply clipping to a wall and allowing you to reach your bedroom without taking up room or even needing much thought on how to hide it.

Ladders are very much needed, plenty will agree, plenty will disagree, but after the other day with my sims family, it’s evident we have the UI, now it’s just changing a few pieces to make it more universal. It will take time, effort, work, no pretending it won’t, but ladders give us more freedom cosmetic wise, and maybe we could have a death related to them or some sort of radical feature which makes them hilarious as they are useful.

Now to cribs, and this I mention because it’s part of improving babies as a whole.

So if you got realm of magic, or are planning on getting it, then you know or will know eventually that you get a new crib, or bassinet, as much as I appreciate the new design as it’s very much like what I used to look for in cc content for the sims 2, it’s also a bit of an eyesore because it’s basically a retexture, same thing but they’ve made it look a bit fancy and added curtains over the top, believing it’s enough of a change to keep simmers happy instead of putting work into a proper crib design which would give us more options as to how to decorate our babies rooms.

Again, limited team, limited time and budget, etc etc, but if you can slap some fabric on a preset, you can scribble some designs for a new crib and give it to the person in charge to see what they think about it.

Not every baby sleeps in a bassinet, normally a baby has birth a bass and a crib, I did, my nephews did, my mum would trade things with our neighbours as each other’s families grew up, a bassinet was part of a babies life but they’d almost always have a crib as well.

This is why I’m quite excited at the idea of a stuff pack just for babies, because at this point, as many simmers point out, babies and toddlers are ignored, yes parenting stuff sort of brought toddlers out of the dark, but there was so much they could have added to improve babies as well, again, hence why I’m here.

I know it’s a lot, maybe for some it isn’t a lot, but for a game about life, it wouldn’t hurt to get a small update with ladders, cribs and improved babies, even if it’s just new cribs and babies aren’t locked to the bassinet, even if it’s just walking jr to the fridge, or being able to answer the door and give your baby a bottle as some small multitask.

After the update, I feel a bit better, believing they are listening, And I hope they continue to deliver new content, improved content and worthwhile content. I can wait a year, two years, three, there is no hurry.

And now I go to make a sandwich!

Dag dag


  • ChazzzyChazzzy Posts: 4,459 Member
    edited September 11
    I miss ladders as well as the fireman’s pole. I want a sleek way to get from one floor to another. This new “stair tool” just made the stairs bulkier than they already were. Not a fan personally.
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  • ListentoToppDoggListentoToppDogg Posts: 1,582 Member
    I really hope they add real cribs too, hopefully with a large number of really cute color swatches.
  • ThenyoukissmeThenyoukissme Posts: 269 Member
    If babies ever get an update I will cry real tears
  • ScobreScobre Posts: 17,406 Member
    I would like ladders and a fire pole too. I also want babies and elders improved upon and babies freed because right now with them being objects and not life states they can burn in fires. It brings back the Sims 2 bbq mod back to me because of that. I don't want my babies treated that pieces of meat that can burn as much as a pyro Simmer I am, that is child abuse how babies are coded and designed in the game now.

    Plus there was an article which I can't share the full link of what happens when all you do is take care of the needs of babies and leave them in the crib the rest of the time, "The boy was fed, clothed, bathed, everything that needed to be done, but he was never loved or touched and so the parts of his brain that needed to grow in order to feel empathy or attachment to others just never formed. His parents were never able to understand how to parent him as he then reacted so differently from his brother. They never pieced together that really what he was missing was attachment and love." Sadly the boy became a sociopath. So if Sims is supposed to be a life simulator, are we raising sociopath Sims with how babies are coded now? Why I think babies need to be coded to be show more compassion and love and taken out of the crib to go to places. Sims 2 still remains to be my favorite babies but even they can be improved upon and I think Sims 4 would be just the opportunity to do it with a patch. I love Sims 4 toddlers, so hope that the babies especially the human ones could be improved upon so that they no longer look like this without the hair.

    I mean even the Toy Story baby doll looks cuter and less scary:
    "The Sneetches got really quite smart on that day. The day they decided that Sneetches are Sneetches. And no kind of Sneetch is the best on the beaches. That day, all the Sneetches forgot about stars and whether they had one, or not, upon thars." -Dr. Seuss

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