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After 1 Sim day all of the Sages Changed

DerellaDerella Posts: 735 Member
I sent my first Sim to the Realm of Magic, he became a Caster, and then went home. He came back the next day, and all of the pre-made Sages were gone and replaced with random townies... He only spoke to one of the originals, and they are still in his Relationship panel... Are they just filling in while the others sleep, or did the game just randomly replace them for no reason?


  • darrenfroggydarrenfroggy Posts: 636 Member
    The one mention I've seen was someone using a mod that gives unplayed Sims jobs. Do you perhaps use a mod like that? And do the original Sages currently have jobs now that they've been replaced?
  • MaggieMarleyMaggieMarley Posts: 2,974 Member
    Do you have MCCC? If you have the relevant settings switched on, MCCC periodically marries unplayed sims and moves them in together. It could have married off the sages ad moved them in with their new spouses.

    For this reason I have flagged all of the sages with MCCC for no marriage.
  • simmerLellasimmerLella Posts: 441 Member
    edited September 11
    This sounds like how TS4 frequently makes new role Sims and assigned new Sims to roles even when unneeded, when too soon, however this sounds way too fast for any lifespan.

    Maybe the NPC generation for this role is not functioning right/buggy ... but then I'd expect to see this in a lot of games.

    Or perhaps it wants backups for when the original sages are busy, and made them already, and since they are there, is calling for them. Did you check to see if the OG Sages kept their status? Sims 4 likes to generate extra Sims this way. (ETA: I re-read your post; it's probably this. They're filling in.)

    OR... Perhaps you have a lot of Sims and a mod or setting to prevent culling? I found the game assumed Sims were culled and needed replacement, when 0 Sims were culled and I needed no Sims. New Sim generation continued at lightning speed for me well after the devs gave us the option in game to preserve a lot of Sims.

    But perhaps it is something else entirely.
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  • halloweenchildhalloweenchild Posts: 557 Member
    Yeah, I've seen a couple of different sages that aren't the main three. But the main three are always there, so I assume that there's a rule of two with them. As with the Sith, there's a master and an apprentice or something. so when say Morgyn isn't in the magic realm, his apprentice steps in to take over as sage until he comes back.
  • PlayerSinger2010PlayerSinger2010 Posts: 1,632 Member
    Yeah, with one of my saves the game moved all 3 of the original sages into houses because I forgot I had "fill empty homes" ticked on. >_< So frustrating.
  • SimaniteSimanite Posts: 4,766 Member
    Not even surprised. The consignment store guy in Strangerville did the same for me.
  • HermitgirlHermitgirl Posts: 7,838 Member
    My main three sages always seem to be there. No mods or cc here. They don't seem to sleep either (I put in a bed). Living in Glimmerbrook sometimes I see them walking but when I notice them they are either spawning in behind my lot (I selected where the bar was to live), coming to knock on my door (good friends), or walking toward the portal. I don't go there and look immediately though, sometimes I go to another area and buy stuff ect before heading to HQ so maybe I've missed them arriving or something.
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  • Dglbr1969Dglbr1969 Posts: 815 Member
    edited September 11
    Ditto above, my 3 sages are always there too

    Edit: Yeah sorry, I though I'd better add I don't use mods or cc either
  • ITo7mITo7m Posts: 4 New Member
    One of my sages has been made a gardener, is there a way to take this away? She’s wearing the outfit and everything it’s rather annoying

  • DerellaDerella Posts: 735 Member
    Thanks for all of the responses! I did have MCCC installed at the time, so maybe it was one of the options in there. I've reverted my save for now to see if it happens again.
  • MaggieMarleyMaggieMarley Posts: 2,974 Member
    Derella wrote: »
    Thanks for all of the responses! I did have MCCC installed at the time, so maybe it was one of the options in there. I've reverted my save for now to see if it happens again.

    Try flagging the sages for no marriage with MCCC. If it was MCCC’s fault that should sort it.
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