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Anyone Need/Want a Tutorial on the New Stairs?


  • giggler36giggler36 Posts: 827 Member
    new stairs?? it is in an update or a pack?? I would love a tutorial on them as I may get another pack, and well the update is inevitable :)
  • PebblycatPebblycat Posts: 861 Member
    I would love a tutorial on stairs in general. I have real difficulty making...not sure how to describe staircases. Every time I try and make the opening wider at the top by putting railing in and deleting the floor (to make the open space) it doesn't work. The parts I delete will always come back when I make other walls/adjust fences.

    This recent attempt took me ages because the roofing would show through the walls and the flooring in the open space would come back :/
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  • sawdustsawdust Posts: 1,002 Member
    It's a free update @giggler36 that allows you to make "L" and "U" shaped stairs.

    Getting that "open to the floor below" look @Pebblycat can be frustrating even for accomplished builders due to the inability to delete one square at a time. I personally don't know of any real "tricks" to it other than deciding what you want open and fencing that section off first, delete the floor then put in the stairs. It will fill in the floors again if you change things around and it does show roofs once you break a room up with a fence if a roof is built up against a wall. Where possible you can put in false walls to stop the intrusion of rooves. :)

    Anyway, I'll do a tutorial on stairs in a new thread. Questions are always welcome and I'll answer what I can. :)
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