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I am not feeling the Charm Family.

I don't know what it is about this household, but when I took a look at them I was like meh. I'm just not feeling this household, and this is a first for me in this game. The household consist of an old lady, and her two grown children, and the son's girlfriend. I've taken a closer look at this household of spell casters in CAS but I'm just not really anything for this household.


I'm seriously thinking about giving this household a boot to the homeless section or just deleting them altogether. Before I do, does anyone know if they play a part in anything with this pack other than being spell casters?


  • Humility925Humility925 Posts: 125 Member
    they are for dueling magic, magic is key, you can gain many way by duel them, let's be know or get stuff, ect.
  • GordyGordy Posts: 1,158 Member
    I'll just outright delete them and their ugly house. They're so unpleasant to look at, I don't even want them in the background.
  • WolfNateWolfNate Posts: 2,212 Member
    Why are they ugly yet Acyloytes look fine and dandy?
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  • AngelluluAngellulu Posts: 629 Member
    I deleted them as soon as I saw them, and their ugly house. They're just, atrocious, I cant. Cant even xD too uh, no. Not in my game saves.
  • GoldmoldarGoldmoldar Posts: 10,769 Member
    Hmmm, They look okay to me and I do like thier house. But I never play the premades, I use my own or some Sims from the gallery.
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  • BrinnBrinn Posts: 294 Member
    I don't mind their looks, but I can't understand what they are about, as well. They are too boring to be the "main" family in Glimmerbrook.
  • logionlogion Posts: 1,420 Member
    I started playing The Amicable Acolytes Household (the other premade household) and Tomax dislikes Darrel from the Charm family while he seems to be pretty friendly with Darrels fiancee Emilia...
  • CazualKarmaCazualKarma Posts: 84 Member
    You can just edit them in CAS and give the house a make over? That way you can still duel with them and gain magic skills.
  • AquaGamer1212AquaGamer1212 Posts: 4,982 Member
    Oh I switched their house and gave the two girls a makeover. They’re apart of my Sim’s club of teen girl witches.

  • Moon_WillowMoon_Willow Posts: 717 Member
    I moved the mother and the teenage daughter in with George Cahill. Gemma will inherit Old Penelope once her mother and stepfather pass then I'll marry her off to Joaquin Le Chien (whom my game turned into a spellcaster).

    I've given all the younger Charms a makeover but I am hesitant about letting them breed.
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  • JoBass24usJoBass24us Posts: 1,584 Member
    Interestingly enough I don’t ever play with premades and all EA created houses are swiftly replaced because, EA can’t make decent houses. Lol

  • mikamika Posts: 1,659 Member
    I just evicted them, replaced the lot, and moved an interesting spellcaster family in. The Charms are just townies now.
  • SilentKittySilentKitty Posts: 3,493 Member
    They are long since deleted in my game. Making my own townies and it is so much fun :)
  • MonaveilMonaveil Posts: 383 Member
    The originals that I kept got a heavy dose of full CAS edit in my game. Two of them have been replaced. They're going to be relocated to a smaller lot next.
  • ITo7mITo7m Posts: 4 New Member
    Darrell (I think) is cool. Minerva isn’t too bad although she’s taken to walking around Caster Alley in the gown from the hospital as that’s where I first met her, looks a little offputting I must say. Erratic witches lol. The teen I’ve only seen once and the blonde one tends to wander around the magic realm looking sad for some reason.

  • SimaniteSimanite Posts: 4,833 Member
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  • RobinGreenthumbRobinGreenthumb Posts: 237 Member
    For me it’s that some of their features are too cartoonish for my game. (I do maxis match style but tend to have features be slightly less cartoonish than Maxis does with a lot of its sims). Their heads, especially Gemma?, are WAY too big proportionally.

    I do like the mom though. It’s mainly The kids.

    I’m gonna go in and tweak them a bit. Make the head a bit smaller, give them some skin details to add more nuance to their faces, maybe shrink their cheeks a bit and give more detail to their noses so they look less smooth and more like noses, etc.

    It’s really amazing what some minor tweaking and skin details can do tbh. I did some minor similar changes to Vlad and I like him so much better now.
  • LosaruTaiyoLosaruTaiyo Posts: 10,746 Member
    :D I think the disgust is the point of the family. I rarely play premades but it'll be a hoot having them in game once I get to play. Vlad is a hunk compared to them. :joy:
  • happyopihappyopi Posts: 1,131 Member
    They're ... I can play any premades usually but I'm not sure I'll ever care about them. Gemma being a teen is a joke. She looks so old !
    Keeping them around as spellcaster townies doesn't even seem to reduce spellcasters generation because I've only ever seen Emilia in the magic realm, other sims were Nina Caliente and the like...

    Might give them a chance still, but they have to move in any case. I need their lot size.
  • DeafSimmerDeafSimmer Posts: 2,422 Member
    I moved them to Windenburg just to put my Victorian build on the lot. And I edited their faces in cas - their features were exaggerated.
  • Am I alone in not understanding what the big deal is about the premades? I mean, just like in real life, not every one looks perfect. And they are literally just characters you don't have to play.
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  • HermitgirlHermitgirl Posts: 8,198 Member
    Yeah I don't feel them much either. I'm glad though as I want to take over Glimmerbrook for awhile so I don't have to feel guilty about kicking them to the curb. Usually premades take awhile to grow on me, and it happens through interaction. The only one that sticks out at me so far is the one I call Sandy Duncan in my head... the blonde one for you younguns out there... still haven't learned her name.
  • tmcevoy1121tmcevoy1121 Posts: 286 Member
    They are being deleted and so is their house. Nothing against them except I tend to redo the areas to my liking.
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  • SheepilingSheepiling Posts: 290 Member
    edited September 2019
    Simmify wrote: »
    Am I alone in not understanding what the big deal is about the premades? I mean, just like in real life, not every one looks perfect. And they are literally just characters you don't have to play.

    For me, I really enjoy playing with well-done pre-made townies, and they don't have to look perfect. For me, they just need to have a charming personality and story to go with them. Vlad is one of my favorite townies ever.

    The Charm family doesn't have any charm to them. They along with the two sages that work with Morgyn just look ugly and rushed. We got so many beautiful and unique looking sims in the Realm of Magic trailer, and then when we buy the pack they give us these ugly townies that seem to be thrown together in 10 mintues because "ohoho let's put classic witch nose on them all"

    I would be more into an "ugly" townie if they had more effort put into them and were meant to resemble the Wicked Witch of the West more.

    I think the disappointment among a lot of people, myself included, is us not getting what was advertised to us.

    Also the houses look horrible. In the trailer Morgyn explores this amazingly beautiful, magical interior of the Magic HQ and when we get there in our own game it's empty and everything is grey. It's not magical at all.
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