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Non Magic Townies in the Magic Realm



  • SiliCloneSiliClone Posts: 2,256 Member
    I haven't played RoM yet but I wonder if keeping Glimmerbrook spellcaster townies (instead of deleting them) will keep other random sims from going to the Realm.

    Nope, premades spellcasters have a special trait.
  • LuxuryLuxury Posts: 44 Member
    okester wrote: »
    Brinn wrote: »
    Sometimes it looks really interesting. When I saw Geeta Rasoya and her son in Magic Realm, I thought that it was the perfect place for them ) Liza Pancake is a perfect witch too :wink: But mostly it really looks strange.

    I'll copy my post from another thread here...
    I have some ideas on how to fix this problem in our games:
    1. Before entering Magic Realm mark as favorites those families you don't want to be turned to spellcasters.
    2. Before entering Magic Realm create some spellcaster families, so they could appear in the Magic Realm instead of innocent townies :)

    I hope these preparations will help to defend the world against supernatural invasion...

    I heard that just faving them doesn't always work. You may need to actually play the households momentarily.

    I've faved a couple just to test and it didn't work
  • fiercephoenix91fiercephoenix91 Posts: 132 Member
    OMG, I am so glad I am not alone with all the premades randomly popping up into the magical realm and doing magic because of it! It's SO annoying and makes me kind of wanna stop going to the realm in fear another premade townie from previous packs becomes a Spellcaster.
  • DaepheneDaephene Posts: 323 Member
    I'm very glad to know this before buying the pack. I have been gradually marrying pre-mades into my rotational families and I would prefer to have control over which ones become occults before I marry them in.

    I don't mind having to go into the families I have plans for and play them a bit to prevent it. But I would have been very annoyed to have it happen without knowing in advance that I needed to do that.
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