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I wish my game didn't crash when I open the Gallery.

DianesimsDianesims Posts: 1,202 Member
edited September 10 in The Sims 4 PC Game Feedback
I have that problem 50% of the time, just lost 2h of play because of it, please fix it !! I'm not the only one, there's a thread someone started on AHQ. It's been going on for a while and started again since the last patch.

Here's the thread, please click "Me too" if you also have the problem.


  • SimburianSimburian Posts: 4,753 Member
    edited September 10
    I've just installed ROM via Origin and tried this myself. I haven't crashed yet doing this. I have no problem at all getting into the Gallery though I have to reclick to get into it again if I've not gone to the Gallery for a while, again with no problems. Have you any mods, anti-virus programs or need to check your security settings?

    It's a problem with your machine I think rather than EA's. I think SimGuruNick or Answers HQ might help but they need this.

    Windows version....from their site..
    Open and run DxDiag.exe

    This tool is used to collect info about devices to help troubleshoot problems with DirectX sound and video. A support person might ask for this info, or you might post it in a forum when you ask for help.
    In Windows, select Start
    Windows logo Start button
    and enter dxdiag into the search box on the taskbar. Select dxdiag from the results.
    In the tool, select Save All Information for an easily shared format.

    (Could be just that your machine needs a clean and overheats and crashes because of dust).
  • CamkatCamkat Posts: 936 Member
    This won't help stop the crashes, but in the meantime, maybe sticky note your computer to remind you to save before you open the gallery. Just in case. ;)
    Origin ID: Peapod79
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