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Stones Throw Greenhouse and Unfinished Moodlet

Summerbear5Summerbear5 Posts: 603 Member
So I've already searched google and other sources for information on how to get rid of the Unfinished Room Moodlet but the problem is most people suggest that if you have "Into the Future" that your supposed to put down special floor tiles to plant on...I do not have "Into the Future" (Yet) so this is a problem for me.

The steps I've already taken are:

I built the room, Wallpapered it inside and out. Put Floor Tiles on the roof and then the Glass roof. Windows and doors. Then I used the dirt paint tool to paint the inside completely with dirt. However I'm still getting this moodlet. I have the Stones Throw Venue in the world and when my sims go moodlet...Only at the home lot.


EDIT: I also have a light in the Greenhouse. Also I have to have "moveobjects on" in order to plant anything.


  • Summerbear5Summerbear5 Posts: 603 Member
    edited September 2019
  • stargurustarguru Posts: 2,074 Member
    For the unfinished room moodlet:

    One option would be to place flooring in your greenhouse and then recolor it to look like dirt.

    Or, if you’re not averse to using mods, you could use the mod by Nona Mena that removes the unfinished room moodlet.

    If you want to avoid using the MOO cheat to plant in a greenhouse:

    Knock down an outside wall, have your Sim plant, and then replace the wall.

    Or use the planter bowls instead. However, the bowls don’t work for trees (unless you use MOO).
  • GraceyManorGraceyManor Posts: 18,041 Member
    Have you used fences inside of it? I was told that fences inside a room will make it "unfinished"
  • Summerbear5Summerbear5 Posts: 603 Member
    I was thinking about placing flooring but I couldn't find one that looked like dirt.
  • simmerLellasimmerLella Posts: 590 Member
    I was thinking about placing flooring but I couldn't find one that looked like dirt.

    Is there a texture from CASt that kind of looks like dirt? Fine any seamless floor (some tiles at least will NOT work) and then see if there's a texture that will look like dirt if brown. Maybe a leather will pass as dirt. There's probably something.

    The terrain paint is not like flooring, so that's indeed an unfinished room. I've had no problems with fences inside houses, AFAIK (the moodlet doesn't bother me, I might just miss it). They're good for railings, and there are also the tiny fences that can separate floor types visually.
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  • Summerbear5Summerbear5 Posts: 603 Member
    Thank you for the tips. I actually used the grass texture under Misc and made it dirt brown lol...good enough.
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