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What gameplay items would you like to see in potential University and Farming packs?

Pull-down beds
Vending machines
Major specific items
Drum kits

Canning station
Chicken, cow and pig coops


  • SimmyFroggySimmyFroggy Posts: 1,757 Member
    Gonna try to not repeat ones already mentioned

    loft beds (with a desk underneath)
    drawing desks/tables
    canteen equipment (like cafe bars but with food)
    backpacks (to replace or complement the personal inventory)
    futon beds

    spinning wheel
    knitting items/looms
    a well
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  • SimaniteSimanite Posts: 4,833 Member
    @darrenfroggy Amazing ideas! Yes, I'm hoping farming can include some more traditional hobby items like knitting so I forgot about those!
  • SimmyFroggySimmyFroggy Posts: 1,757 Member
    Simanite wrote: »
    @darrenfroggy Amazing ideas! Yes, I'm hoping farming can include some more traditional hobby items like knitting so I forgot about those!

    I'm probably repeating myself with those kinda ideas everywhere but it's really things I'd love included: knitting, quilting, sewing, crochet, weaving... they all would fit with a farm life theme and could even have unlockable items, be it decorative or clothing. (I'm gonna keep dreaming)
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  • FreezerBunnyCowplantFreezerBunnyCowplant Posts: 3,508 Member
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    Nectar making
    Sliding barn door

    Nectar making (Wine making) in a Farming pack!

    Store the bottles in your nectar cellar to increase their value over time!

    Sliding barn door (big and small!)
  • MovottiMovotti Posts: 7,215 Member
    • Bikes! Yes! Go anywhere! Including indoors!
    • Skate boards and scooters too!
    • Portable laptops, take em anywhere! Use them on the dunny! in the bath! in bed! sitting on the floor!
    • Cricket set, in 3 tiers. Base level, just a bat and ball, use your wheelie bins as the wickets. Second tier, the plastic play set, suited for beach cricket, comes with plastic wickets, plastic bat, and tennis ball. Top Tier, the real deal, with a proper pitch, willow bats, ruby red ball, and real wickets. Don't forget to wear your protection, that ball is gonna hurt if it hits you bare!
    • Note book, for study notes. Take it everywhere with you, do not lose it.
    • Text books, needs to weight twice what it should.
    • Foot warmers for cold days in the library.
    • Vending machines would be a good option, but lets make them more interesting and useful. Ones with sandwiches, some with sausages and bacon, some with yeasty brew, and of course the standard ones with sugary bars, salty snacks, and liquid energy. Some with study supplies, like spare pens, notebooks, or with mittens, hats, tshirts, shorts, some with play things, like tennis balls, frisbees, kicky bags, yoyos, elastics, skipping rope. Some that sell groceries other than meat, milk, eggs, bread, juice, frozen meals, ramen, fruit salad... Some that sell paper things, news papers, magazines, comic books, paperback novels.

    Drums really ought come in a bands specific pack, but could be included if that's not gonna happen, as should other instruments. Give us a tambourine, ukulele, banjo, squeeze box, and hurdy-gurdy. Lets make folk bands cool again. (not that they ever were).


    I'd like to see items for at least two styles of farming and production, old fashioned small scale, and modern larger scale. They might as well cater to those who want the old world stuff, there's a fair bit of demand for it from players, and they are methods that are still used by some tiny scale farms. If you've only got one cow, or a couple of goats, hand milking is more likely than using a machine.

    Sheep, goats, alpaca (or llama) to shear.
    • Shears in two styles, the classic click-click shears, and the modern bzzzzzz shears.
    • Carding brushes, carding wheel, mechanical carder.
    • Classic spinning wheel, big wheel spinning wheel, mechanical spinning wheel.
    • Table loom, wall loom, mechanical loom.
    Cows, goats, and sheep to milk.
    • Buckets. Or Powered milker.
    • Buckets to skim from, hand powered separator, super fast electric separator. (these are all methods for taking the cream from the milk)
    • Hand churn, Electric churn.
    • Cheese making by the basin, or cheese making by the vat.
    • Fig trees... The sap is used in cheese making.

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  • amber_ilumireamber_ilumire Posts: 1,341 Member
    Such good ideas! I haven't really thought much about a farming pack, but my wishlist for university would be:

    - Murphy beds and bunk beds
    - Arcade-like vending machines and drink dispensers
    - Sleeping bags
    - Musical instruments like drum and bass
    - Beer juice/nectar keg
  • M1ss_PlumbumM1ss_Plumbum Posts: 187 Member
    I love the ideas with sleeping bags, and vending machines.

    I have an idea too for a Svandinavian (Danish, Swedish, Norwegian and Icelandic inspired) farm pack:

    Welcome to the sweet country life in the Scandinavian! Move you family into a modern farm with simplistic furnitures and make a big fortune by having a lot of animals and crops and producing weed, nectar, milk, wool, meet and eggs. Or if you prefer the simple life, start a traditional farm with a few chickens and perhaps a horse and dress up with a flower crown.

    Do many activities like sewing, knitting and nectar brewing. When you are hungry, enjoy eat out meal, meat balls and layer cake.

    While the adults are working, let the children play with wooden toys or jumping the rope. Or perhaps they will make a perform a viking play for the grandparents.

    When done working and playing, let the whole family dress up in traditional Scandinavian clothing and enjoy the folk dance.

    Or just go for a walk or take the bike and enjoy the northern lights, high mountains and green fields with the solar and wind power systems in the distance.

    The scandinavian countries are known for the happy populations. The reason for this is not the rainy weather, but our welfare systems: Sometimes you can’t find a job cause everything is taken. Or you are too old or sick to work. Or perhaps you are just studying, your parents are poor and you do not have time for a job. But don’t worry - the society’s got your back! Everybody will get a decent amount of money and pay a bit of taxes - and everyone, young and old - will get a basic income in return if needed.

    Themes in build/buy/create a sim:
    All items in build, buy and create a sim has two different aesthetic themes: A modern theme and a traditional theme (perhaps based on the scandinavian / north european 1950s).

    Small activities:
    Sewing machine
    A few new recipes or updates of old recipes

    Medium activities:
    Butter and cheese making
    Flour making
    Nectar brewing
    Chickens and eggs

    Big activities:

    Create a sim:
    Clothes and hairstyles
    New farmer aspiration
    New farmer trait (makes you gain farming related skills faster)

    Wool making, sewing and knitting
    Butter and cheese making
    Weed and flour making
    Nectar making

    One big world
    2 smaller lots (for traditional off the grid farms) - for small and medium activities:
    These lots have an edible part where you can build a house and place a chicken house and a few animals and hand run machines for making butter, cheese, flour.
    The none-interacting surroundings of these lots are more traditional with nature, old farmhouses and mills.

    2 bigger lots (for modern farms) - for big small, medium and big activities:
    These lots are bigger and on the edible part you can make a modern farm/ranch.
    These livable lots have access to non-edible lots where you can access your many sheep, cows or horses.

    1 community lot:
    The aesthetics of the lot is based on the traditional and modern style mixed together
    Farmers marked: Her you can sell and buy

    Every livable lots have an edible part where you can build a house and place a chicken house or a few animals.

    Scandinavian culture:
    Oat meal
    Layer cake with cream and strawberries on top
    Meatballs with potatoes and brown sauce

    Folk dance (people dancing in groups with tradional clothing)
    Midt summer festival (traditional clothing, flower decour, flower crowns, big bon fire)

    Children plays:
    Playing with LEGO (scandinavian brand)
    Wooden toys
    Jumping rope

    Today: Very simplistic, often black/white or lighter brown and nature colours
    Before: Houses made of red wood and house made of stone

    Northern lights (aurora borealis)
    Flat, green fields and high mountains
    Could during the winter and mild summers, often raining

    Society and history:
    Welfare states (free education and health care)
    Liberal values like equality and atheism
    Environmentally friendly (solar power, wind energy, water mills)
    Vikings and monarchies
  • Fallenxroses7Fallenxroses7 Posts: 92 Member
    I don't want a university pack so not gonna say anything for that

    But for farming:
    the ability to raise farm animals, sell goods like eggs off to grocers, maybe they could do something like they did with Island living and you could preserve the countryside? maybe there would be some kind of storyline involved where you could try and stop massive corporations from turning all the farms into businesses. I'd love to see that. oh and horses!
  • Fallenxroses7Fallenxroses7 Posts: 92 Member
    Movotti wrote: »

    Drums really ought come in a bands specific pack, but could be included if that's not gonna happen, as should other instruments. Give us a tambourine, ukulele, banjo, squeeze box, and hurdy-gurdy. Lets make folk bands cool again. (not that they ever were).
    I agree! We need more instruments, I really would do anything just to get a ukulele, drums, and electric guitar! I'd buy university just for it tbh
  • FreezerBunnyCowplantFreezerBunnyCowplant Posts: 3,508 Member
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    This is what I imagine the farm animals would be like! Free-roaming like the roomba from Cats & Dogs and not an object!
  • FreezerBunnyCowplantFreezerBunnyCowplant Posts: 3,508 Member
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    Did you know? There have been cows in Sims 2 for Nintendo DS!
  • wrenstaleswrenstales Posts: 711 Member
    Farming items

    Hay, bale hay, feed animals
    Llama, alpaca to scare fox away.

  • FreezerBunnyCowplantFreezerBunnyCowplant Posts: 3,508 Member
    Haystack WooHoo! New WooHoo spot and pets can hunt for collectibles inside it
  • TurloughdudeTurloughdude Posts: 648 Member
    I'm going with new factories, like a candy factory and/or soda bottler.
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