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Just a friendly reminder of The Sims forum rules

Hi all, this is just a friendly reminder that the goal of The Sims forums is to create a safe space where we want players to feel at home. Anyone should feel comfortable asking for help, sharing their tips and tricks, and having fun discussing the games. However because The Sims community is broad and passionate we have a few rules that we'd like you to keep in mind. :)

To get the most of our forums we ask that everyone is treated with respect and courtesy and that you interact with others in a civilized manner.

The guidelines and rules linked below explain further the type of behaviour that we expect. The guidelines are not exhaustive and moderators have full discretion to address inappropriate behaviour.

Check out the official EA Forum Rules & Guidelines linked below and the EA User Agreement.

Any questions? Don't hesitate to ask a Moderator.

EA Forum Rules & Guidelines

Dos and Don'ts
Don'ts Treated With Zero-Tolerance
Images, Avatars, and Signatures
I've Been Banned From Posting on the Forums - What Now?

Our forum moderators monitor posts and any posts that break the rules and guidelines may be removed.
Breaking the rules can also result in sanctions or bans being applied to your forum account and is assessed on a case by case basis.
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