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  • Marduc_PlaysMarduc_Plays Posts: 346 Member
    French fries do go with strawberry milkshake.
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  • idkidkidkidk Posts: 74 Member
    I don't need any more animals in the game. Now of course,if they're making a farming pack it would be mad if we didn't get farm animals with it,but in general there are so many things/features i want more than horses or elephants.
  • SquirrelTail15SquirrelTail15 Posts: 163 Member
    edited June 23
    I'm just gonna go right out and say it: Vampires and Get Famous are two of the best packs for Sims 4.

    Edit: Vamps is actually my favourite pack of all. Just wanted to mention that.
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  • DuvelinaDuvelina Posts: 724 Member
    I don't get why elders don't have anything to do, according to some people. Why would and should elders differ so much from adults? My grandparents on either side don't do much different just because they're older people now. They're retired, sure, but they still do the things they used to do when they were younger. You always have the elders with a lot of health struggles and disabilities, but I don't think that's what most people would want in their game either. I also don't think activities like knitting or playing bingo should be solely seen as activities for elders. Lots of other people do those too, just like elders do 'adult' activities.
  • NationalPokedexNationalPokedex Posts: 417 Member
    edited June 26
    I think it’s odd when people talk about how they don’t want things in their game because they personally wouldn’t use it. Like freed babies or occults. To me, I feel like The Sims, or any life simulator really, should offer as many options as possible to simulate life and it’s up to the players to engage in that content or not.

    Yes, not everyone wants to do family play or occult play so they don’t play with babies or they wish they could toggle off occults, and that to me makes more sense than how EAxis approaches adding content to the game.

    I’ll use babies as an example. For a life simulator game, these babies sure are a poor demonstration of a life stage, especially if we compare it to every other life stage which are giving a range of customization tools, objects to interact with, places to see, skills to learn, etc. However, there’s no way for a baby to truly experience a lot of the milestones that occur throughout a baby’s time as a baby. As a doll house simulator game, the options provided for players to play with baby dolls sure are a poor demonstration of flexibility. Players can’t pretend that they’re experiencing anything beyond bassinet play with their baby dolls. Small children with dolls do more in their imagination than what EAxis allows for a player to do with the babies in this game.

    Beyond that if we look at, say, children. Children are really limited in what they can do in the game compared to what children do irl. There’s like two after school activities, a limited amount of children appropriate recreation activities. Like thanks for the five activity tables but I wish my child Sim could take ballet classes or something. And there’s the whole thing with playable school. Some people want it, some don’t. And again I find it weird that people are moreso expressing that they don’t want something in their game rather than if it were in the game
    I would ignore it. Its the same with farming. People think it would be boring to add, but that’s just a way of life for some people and adding it just gives players another option for simulating life.

    I think The Sims NEEDS to add in as much content as possible. There’s no way to fully simulate a life otherwise. If players don’t want to engage in a certain aspect they should be able to turn it off, but not adding it in the first place is the biggest misstep EAxis makes with this game tbh.
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  • EldraiEldrai Posts: 17 Member
    @NationalPokedex I agree completely. It's a life simulator for a reason

    On that note, mine are:

    The Sims 4 is better played as for building than a life simulator.

    "We have the gallery" is not a good reason for the people building the houses to be lazy. Just look at the premade houses in the Sims 3 - they weren't great, but they had the essentials. I can't believe it's got to the point where they're forgetting toilets and people are still defending them.
  • PreCiiousPreCiious Posts: 176 Member
    Remember the community vote? Fun tech was Number 5. I wanted it to win because of minigolf, pokemon go idea with voidcritters and a hologram friend for your kid. I liked all of themes but only fun tech gave us 3 gameplay ideas, that i actually really liked instead of maybe one or two in the other category.

    I like the bowling night stuff pack and send my sim there on a regular basis. I think it adds small little details to the bowling experience and is executed well.

    I dont think Get together should have been an Expansion pack. Club Feature in Basegame, little gameplay additions in city living minus the springboard... could have also come in Basegame. World with a different pack.

    Seasons is not my favorite EP. I think it gets over hyped. (i still llike it but do not love it ) I dont find the calender exciting, sure it looks cute but organizing my sim life in an easy game... yeah or looking forward to something meehh.
    I barely play with the holiday traditions. I do miss snow depth (espacially during a snow storm), more fog and having more danger/devastating things, because of certain weather types. Also more weather activities or reaction to the weather (suntanning should have come with seasons, no hazel allergie)
  • DuvelinaDuvelina Posts: 724 Member
    I'm not a huge fan of the multitasking part of TS4. Why do they have to jump up from the table while they're eating to hug each other before they can start talking? I had the hardest time taking a picture because everyone was getting up. I liked how they did this in TS2 more where they just sat and ate, but started talking autonomously about random things.
  • Marduc_PlaysMarduc_Plays Posts: 346 Member
    Sims 4 is no Stardew Valley or GTA.
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  • SharoniaSharonia Posts: 1,921 Member
    I don't want to see werewolves or dragons added to the game ever.
  • PlayerSinger2010PlayerSinger2010 Posts: 2,337 Member
    Duvelina wrote: »
    I don't get why elders don't have anything to do, according to some people. Why would and should elders differ so much from adults? My grandparents on either side don't do much different just because they're older people now. They're retired, sure, but they still do the things they used to do when they were younger. You always have the elders with a lot of health struggles and disabilities, but I don't think that's what most people would want in their game either. I also don't think activities like knitting or playing bingo should be solely seen as activities for elders. Lots of other people do those too, just like elders do 'adult' activities.

    Agreed 100% with this.
  • PreCiiousPreCiious Posts: 176 Member
    I like the talking toilet from city living. It seems like there was a huge controversy about it back in the days?!

    I just think they are funny and quirky, while also helpful in gameplay.
  • Behappy1stBehappy1st Posts: 63 Member
    If its not broke don't fix it, I say that ALL THE TIME in real life Ha Ha.
    Gordy wrote: »
    • I could care less about University. The Sims 4 already emulates it completely. You pay an exorbitant amount of money to have a miserable experience that gets you nowhere in real life. I kid, I kid.
    • I don't really know how people feel about it, since no one really talks about it, buuuut I don't care for collecting.
    • I'd rather the Sims 4 just copy what past games did, and hopefully also build on it, than go for "different." Ideally, something new AND different would be great. (Vampires, restaurants.) I saw Grant (I think?) talk about how they wanted to do things differently each generation, but I'd rather have something tried and true than something new for the sake of new. If it ain't broke, don't fix it.
    • We need more sports and competitions between sims. Surfing, team sports, broom riding, etc. I don't think anyone but me cares about this stuff though, lol.
    • I don't miss open world. I like how we got to see sims go to their schools and jobs. But other than that, it wasn't really interesting to me - and it could get laggy. Sims 3 neighborhoods were better because they utilized their space well, not because it was open.
    • The decorative houses in neighborhoods stink. My houses either have to match those, or stick out like a sore thumb.
    • Vacation worlds are great. Well, not so much in Sims 4, since they're more about collecting and less about vacationing. But I love love love taking my sims on vacation and letting them experience new things.
    • I don't think Parenthood is the best Game Pack. It's good, but wasted potential. More should have been done to make childhood development more interesting. I know this was supposed to be about how the parents raise their kids, but it's too shallow, and it's exacerbated by kids essentially being the exact same with little variation - different kids don't require different parenting techniques or act any different from their siblings, outside of maybe wearing a bear costume sometimes.
    • On the whole, Stuff Packs are overpriced for what little they offer.
    • Except Romantic Garden. That SP is majorly underappreciated.
    • I'd rather have updates to existing content (more BG jobs, proper PlantSims) than get more packs, free CAS stuff or (minor) bug fixes.

  • Plankton027Plankton027 Posts: 37 Member
    I love Marmite
  • Behappy1stBehappy1st Posts: 63 Member
    I love the idea of that, but it would cost to much. But what if they put out a base game and the packs we always want at the same time. Then everyone could get what they want right away. And they could focus on making new and exciting things. Ok it would take longer to release it, but if you add together all the years we wait for one at a time. Not to mention they would be making a lot more players happy at the same time.
    Not wanting to just recycle old packs is one of the main reasons I'm not keen to move onto Sims 5. That and I don't want to start all over when I have a save that I started a while ago that I enjoy. If they make it more of a "reboot" or transition in which I can bring my sims forward, I'd be more on board. Even though it started in 2014, I still think the game is generally pretty fresh. I get surprised that I still have fun with it.

    I wanted all of those things, the pets, the weather, the features of different packs, but now, I want to see new stuff not to start all over.

    I'm ok with them incorporating younger players as long as they realize that players are interested in all of the life stages. I think they are getting that more now. I'm not an elder but I do actually play with the ones in my game, especially with the rest of their families.

    I believe that at this point, a lot of these "recycled" packs should have been in the base game already. Laundry is a no brainer. That should have been added in TS4 after it was added as a new kind of pack in TS3. University, pets, weather, seasons, business/live jobs, ALL OF THIS should have been in the base game. It makes no sense why this very basic everyday life stuff SHOULDN'T be part of the base game, especially when it's become very, very apparent that this stuff is core to the series. Furthermore, this kind of stuff in the base game allows them to build onto in future packs. Take university for instance. If it was in the base game, the spell caster pack could have added a new magical academy. New breed options of cats and dogs could have been added in packs. New live jobs could have been added with each new pack, etc. There's not really any excuse anymore why such core elements have to be expansion packs, not when it's been over 15 years with players constantly demanding these features in every iteration of the game. New generations of the franchise should be building on what previous generations taught. That's how the game needs to grow and branch out. All of this stuff should be in the base game so that expansion packs can ACTUALLY add brand new content and take the game in new directions.

  • ArcherDKArcherDK Posts: 583 Member
    Certain adult mods should become a feature integral to game and available at user's discretion. Also, open world is unnecessary, cars are irrelevant, knitting pack should be scrapped completely.
  • stilljustme2stilljustme2 Posts: 24,225 Member
    I agree with @NationalPokedex -- more options are always good. If you don't like a pack, you don't have to buy it, or maybe you wait for a sale if there's good B/B or CAS that you want. I rarely play with vampires (spellcasters are more my style) but I enjoy the B/B items and much of the CAS (though some is a bit too out there). I'm really looking forward to the knitting pack especially since children can knit; that's going to add a lot to my family game play.

    Probably my unpopular opinion is that Outdoor Retreat is a good pack, especially if you also have Jungle Adventures.
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