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Broken/Updated Mods & CC: Sept. ’19 Stairs/RoM Patch

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Broken/Updated Mods & CC: Sept. ’19 Stairs/RoM Patch

This topic is for collecting reports on mod and CC status after the September 2019 pre-Realm of Magic patch and with the RoM GP. Please keep discussion to reports. Thanks!

IMPORTANT NOTE: Mods that breaks the T game rating cannot be discussed in these official forums and will not be included in my list. Do not ask about or report on any of them here — it’s against forum rules. There are other places on the internet where things like that can be discussed.


Q: Is this particular mod broken? A: Is it a mod that would break the game rating? I can’t tell you anything about it here. Is it on page 1, reported broken by a Simmer since the broken mod list was last updated, or or reported fine by its creator since that page 1 list was last updated? If not, then I don’t know.

Q: Why is there a section for mods reported fine by the modder but not by players? A: Because a mod that seems to be working for you might still be broken in a way you haven’t yet seen.

Q: When will that person update their mod? I can’t play without it! What am I supposed to do?! A: They’ll update it when they can, plus some prefer to wait for a pack to be actually out. Please don’t pressure the creators -- it’s not going to make them update faster. My personal advice is to go for a walk or three, check out a local museum, get a whole lot of housework over with, binge a TV show, or get ahead on your course readings.

Q: My Sims are shiny. What’s causing that? A: For shiny Sims, start by eliminating skins and skin details. Generally speaking, though, if your Sims are looking all weird, some CC is broken

Q: Why does Maxis always break things?! A: Mods and CC speak to the game code. If the part of the code they speak to is changed by a bug fix or new feature, they can no longer speak to it. Maxis provides a lot of support to modders and CC creators, but the only way they could not break mods and CC would be by not updating/patching the game. By choosing to use mods and CC, you accept risks, including that your unofficial add-ons may become noncompatible.

Q: Mod X has an update but you haven’t listed it. Why not? A: Either I didn’t know yet or the update is not to fix a broken mod or to include new pack content.

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