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Add more Activities - Movie Theater

Could we possible get a Movie Theater , so our Sims could go out to the Movies ? Presently it seems all they are able to do is work and socialize
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  • jasy80jasy80 Posts: 19 New Member
    Good idea. they have movie night, but an actual movie theater would be cool with special lot traits that boost relationships
  • troshalomtroshalom Posts: 1,087 Member
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    Welp if you have the movie pack and get together you can download my lot Nae Nae's Movie Cafe It is an active lot. The sims watch the movies, are buying snacks like at a movie theater. It is one of my favorite lots. And it works better than the actual movie theater lot I built in TS3
    btw this lot has items from city living and spa day too - windows, floors, toilets, doors, decor

    I've made it a club spot for children. So they show up in costumes, eat popcorn and watch movies.

    Sims get good buffs. So not a movie theater venue, but it behaves like one.
    wocka wocka wocka
    please do not send me private messages - they creep me out 🤢🤮😱
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