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Prepping a build for ROM? Show me!



  • bubbajoe621bubbajoe621 Posts: 86 Member
    edited September 2019
    Felt a little bit inspired today :) Just decided to share with you all. It's still a work in progress and I'd like to add some things when I buy RoM.

    Loving this. I think of Glimmerbrook as being in the hills up above Windenburg and it's got that Windenburg Extra mystical look.

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  • CelSimsCelSims Posts: 1,200 Member
    orkhid22 wrote: »
    CelSims wrote: »



    House i'm working on. Pretty happy with it now.

    How many bedrooms?

    3 bedrooms now, that version has 2.
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  • DianesimsDianesims Posts: 2,086 Member
    Just built this :


    All your builds are amazing !!
  • DianesimsDianesims Posts: 2,086 Member
    Also the Halliwell Manor improved.


    Kitchen (with Kit)

    Sun Room

    Living Room
  • CelSimsCelSims Posts: 1,200 Member
    edited September 2019
    AJ5M6RB.png My latest casters house. Floating master suite because why not? lol I love the portals.

    Some inside rooms, in spoiler because probably large-

    I only used base game and RoM so it was quite a challenge.
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  • CK213CK213 Posts: 18,767 Member
    I am posting again as things have changed quite a bit.

    I have only had an hour or two a day to build.
    This house has change drastically from the original TS3 design.

    And from the pre-ROM build.

    It is currently at this stage of development.

    This house is going to take a while to finish.
    I keep embellishing on the design. I have decided that I will go full symmetry on the design.

    I will add another section on the room on the right to mirror the one on the left.
    I will also add a greenhouse to the deck in the center.

    I need to put some sims in here to see how the alchemy room performs.

    I'm glad I did too.
    I found out that my staircase didn't work. I must have had the moveobjects cheats active when I placed them
    I removed them and put them back. Now they work.

    My sim made it up to the master bedroom.


    EA has some wonky wall textures.
    The corner stones don't on this home when you are not playing it

    Even when you are playing it some stone caps don't show depending on how the room is constructed.
    I wish they would just offer multiple variations of the textures instead of automating them.

    Anyway, I now know the final direction for this home.
    I am going to have sims live there for a while to work out all the bugs and make a livable home.
  • SERVERFRASERVERFRA Posts: 2,521 Member
    I upgraded all my magical homes & just made a secret underground quarters for the sages to go when they're in Glimmerbrooke.
  • DianesimsDianesims Posts: 2,086 Member
    I just built this Magic store.

  • bubbajoe621bubbajoe621 Posts: 86 Member
    @CK213 I never played TS3 so I'm fascinated by your history album. And super jealous of that little castle mailbox? looking thingie. And then how cool to see the difference made by switching out to the ROM items. Your cauldron room styled in black is absolutely stunning.

    @Dianesims All your builds are great! The mix-and-match furniture is really working in that sun porch. And adding a cat just makes a screenshot better. In fact there's one on my lap now as I'm trying to ty
  • PixelNestPixelNest Posts: 51 Member
    Glimmer50 wrote: »

    Also working on an alchemist house, but I am waiting for the new build/buy mode stuff from the pack to finish it. I want to use the stained glass windows to build a greenhouse.

    I love this so much, especially the roof work!
  • PixelNestPixelNest Posts: 51 Member
    As a builder I've been obsessed with the Realm of Magic ever since it launched. In between smaller magical builds I've been working on the HUGE Mystics Manor. I've created a dedicated post to it as there will be sooooo many rooms, which you can find here . So far I've done the ballroom, the entrance hall, the drawing room, the library and the study. Once it's done I'll upload it to the gallery.
  • marcelmagiera12marcelmagiera12 Posts: 8 New Member
    > @Mo0nLight321 said:
    > I've been building witchy houses and stores since the beginning of The Sims 4 :D
    > (Image)
    > (Image)
    > (Image)

    Whats your gallery ID? I love those! I'd definitely put them in my Glimmerbrook or Windenburg if I had access to them lol
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