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Mom Issues *A SimLit Story*

CaleSimsCaleSims Posts: 196 Member
I hate my mom. I hate her stupid pink hair and her stupid singing. I hate her friends and how I can always hear them complaining about their children. The only people I can trust are Esmerelda, my little sister, and my best friend, Olive.


Ezzy and I are the closest of friends. I always try to cheer her up when mom yells. I wish I had an older sister like she did when mommy yells at me.


Olive is the only girl at school whose parents aren't in the acting industry. She got a scholarship and as been going here ever since. Everyone makes fun of her for that. Mommy says she isn't aloud at our house because she doesn't know her parents. I don't think she likes Olive. But Olive's funny. She plays with me on the monkey bars at recess.


I hang out with my other friends as well, but they hate it that I always whinge about my Mom. At least they have a Dad too. My mom broke up with my dad after Ezzy was born. She doesn’t let me see him.


I wish I was brave enough to confront her. I think is I whinge enough at her then maybe she would let me become a doctor instead of an actress. I have to take ballet and singing lessons everyday. I want to focus on school, not ballet. I just wish Mommy would listen.


This was made for the August Monthly SimLit Challenge. I highly recommend you check out all the other stories. Be sure to vote for your favorite stories!

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