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Latest update version 1.18 for the sims 4 console changes gameplay alot

What are your opinions on the latest update version 1.18 for the sims 4 console.


  • _000key_000key Posts: 120 Member
    The idea to have sims cas stories is very cool to have it on console, forty new Sims to the gallery, the showliveeditobjects cheat is there, and extra things.
  • lana44lana44 Posts: 5 New Member
    I would love to see sims4 console have a option for direct control, it would just be better overall. I enjoy the sims 4 I think bringing back some of the old feature with the new one would be a great idea like the cars for transportation and being able to go to the groceries store and have your refrigerator get low on food at some point. Making the neighborhood have community together would be kool without the loading process for the neighborhood, like when u visit your neighbors. Having the family bond a little more like options for family night on the calendar.. but overall good job n thanks
  • ddd994ddd994 Posts: 113 Member
    _000key wrote: »
    The idea to have sims cas stories is very cool to have it on console, forty new Sims to the gallery, the showliveeditobjects cheat is there, and extra things.

    Be good if they just added the gallery as promised, instead of wasting time and resources constantly clogging up our in game libraries..
  • ddd994ddd994 Posts: 113 Member
    Also freizes are the worst :(

    I keep hearing there’s an option on pc to shift click, letting you place friezes individually, can we please have this added to console! I saw they’ve added the shift click feature on roof awnings which is great, but I think there’s another advanced roofing option on PC that still needs porting over. I haven’t heard anyone mention these, so thought I bring it up :)
  • MrsSweetpantsMrsSweetpants Posts: 5 New Member
    I was especially excited for the live edit objects but I never use them because it takes a really long time to scroll past everything else to get to them. Then, if I close it out and decide I want another of something I have to do it all over again because they can't be copied. I wish we could filter for debug. At least, if we can I can't get it to work.
  • MrsSweetpantsMrsSweetpants Posts: 5 New Member
    Well, I guess after all that I just started giving up a bit too soon. I think I figured out how to filter somewhat. It still takes awhile but it's definately better than what I was doing.
  • _000key_000key Posts: 120 Member
    I have used the air vent for a mobile home and the potted looking landscape pieces to do a parking lot. U can also use the huge tree to make a tree house and the cars to make it look more realistic rather than the toy cars scaled up. There is also some alien plants if u have the get to work. And a huge bridge that u can add in a park I do not know if sims can walk on it though 🤔🤔🤔. But I do wish we had the gallery.
  • EnderBonnieEnderBonnie Posts: 4 New Member
    Lastest version on consle is pretty cool and all with stroy mode and bug fixes. But what I love best is the fix ti fishing! It was annoying how you had to click on the sign to fish and not the area with the fish in it anymore.
    But real question, has anyone had any trouble with gardening plants? Before when you got the highest qualtiy, the little bar would be all the way filled and said perfect but, now it reverted back to the old way it used to look like, but sligtly messed up.
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