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Tay Bayless


  • emorrillemorrill Posts: 7,096 Member
    ^He looks good @cwaddell ! :star:
  • mw1525mw1525 Posts: 1,060 Member
    Hey everyone, sorry for my delayed response. Holiday weekend and an extra long to-do list slowed me down. But, I'm back now :)!

    @cwaddell - Tay looks fabulous! I was thinking about what you said about slider position and attraction and wondered: Is there a female (or male) outside of Tay's family members in town who would be compatible with him for a relationship?

    @ZeeGee - One would think the parents of an iconic Sim would be a little special themselves. Thank you for the nice words concerning Jocasta & Blaire (I always seem to add an 'e' to her name). I haven't placed the Bachelor family in game to see them in action. So, I'm not sure if I got their family's behavioral model right (trait based).

    I have played with Blaire though and she is a firecracker :D! I made her and Cyclone (renamed Ian Sword) a couple based on a wiki statement that during game development he was to be her ex. They get along well and have only had one slight tiff after which Blaire autonomously did this to him (and his food) :D!



    Otherwise they are a normal couple:
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  • cwaddellcwaddell Posts: 4,960 Member
    emorrill wrote: »
    ^He looks good @cwaddell ! :star:
    mw1525 wrote: »
    @cwaddell - Tay looks fabulous! I was thinking about what you said about slider position and attraction and wondered: Is there a female (or male) outside of Tay's family members in town who would be compatible with him for a relationship?

    Thanks, he ended up looking pretty sexy IMO. I probably took a little too much slant out of his eyes and rotation out of his nose if I wanted to keep him more like the original.

    I don't even know if looks still matter with the EA attraction system. In the attraction system of the old version of an NRaas mod it was only one thing. Other things mattered such as compatible zodiac signs, the same favorites, compatible traits and then some traits were attractive to just about any sim.

    As far as looks you could do an experiment with Tay and 3 sisters. One is a zero slider sim( all features neutral), one has same extreme features as Tay and the other has extremes the opposite. Give them all the same favorites, traits, zodiac signs, etc. See which one Tay likes and which one likes him. You might have to try the test more than once to see if there is a pattern. I just might try this with an extreme sim sometime in the future. :)
  • igazorigazor Posts: 18,959 Member
    edited September 2019
    It has long been my understanding (not since the beginning of the game or before the Generations and Seasons patches, I mean since then) that extreme slider values in either direction may convey an attraction score penalty, not so much that sims similar in appearance will be more attracted to each other. The penalty mentioned is not usually difficult to overcome, but if two sims were attracted to each other before makeovers and now are not it could be that they were teetering on the edge of indifference numerically, before they got to know each other or possibly became partnered anyway, and the effects of those changes became more noticeable.

    There is also an element of randomness involved, so that might explain why giving a sim a makeover that results in all slider changes becoming more moderate rather than extreme appears to radically change the way they "see" each other as their attraction scores would then be re-rolled. The randomness element also explains why two sims might appear to be crazy about each other from the beginning in one game but maybe not quite so much, again at least in the beginning, in another.
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  • mw1525mw1525 Posts: 1,060 Member
    @cwaddell - That's a great idea to test! I'll have to give it a try when I have time to devote to it.

    @igazor - Wouldn't everything you just said point to physical features being a real 'factor' in Sim attraction? In my case (thread 1), I changed both Sims yet he continued to accept her and she suddenly no longer liked nor wanted him; despite being married a long time. Since slider positions changed for both Sims, he should have had, at the very least, a difference in opinion concerning her as well; but he didn't. Even with the randomness factor tossed in, he should have altered his course. Even if that meant he found her more attractive than he did before. All I know is his behavior concerning her didn't change, hers did.

    In the other case (thread 2), I didn't move sliders at all! I only changed his hair and goatee and Sim women went from not wanting anything to do with him romantically to suddenly everyone wanting to get to know him better :D! Keep in mind, all of these women were different from each other and yet suddenly they all were interested in him (after physically seeing him).

    I don't dismiss the importance the various numbers in the game (coding/scripting) has in terms of being able to determine the probability of certain events. However, I cannot dismiss other non-coded (yet all data) factors which our Sims use. When Richard Evans (the AI designer for these Sims) was asked how a Sim discovers and learns thing, whether the function was tied in the engine or was written into the production rules he replied by saying: "It's inferred from the antecedents." Which means they derive their conclusions from what they experience and those experiences vary depending on the player's wants and the Sim's goal. A townie Sim is one who is learning his world on his own.

    Toss that in with what you said about extreme slider position and it's easy to see how Tay's appearance can become a social hindrance for him to a townie who is 'learning'. Mr. Evans went on to say that even when a Sims 'fail' they are gaining something. In this case, Tay would be learning 'something' every time his 'slider position' was rejected by another Sim and, he would use that data to develop himself based on what he wants and has learned from his experiences.

    This may shine some light on why Fly Bayless (the deceased elder) features appear to be more relaxed in resurrection, while Tay's appear to be just the opposite.

    *Meaning ghost's memories are wiped nightly, so they won't (shouldn't) retain any information from Sim interactions. Tay, however, has got to remember the effects of all his encounters until he passes on.
    In times of Darkness, Turn on you Light of Love and Let it Shine!
  • TurjanTurjan Posts: 1,344 Member
    edited September 2019
    The sequence of interactions between two sims is in principle random, even though they have preferred topics. If, by chance, they start with one or two negative interactions, subsequent interactions will get a penalty, and this can result in a downward spiral. At least that's my experience, that conversations between the exact same sims can, after a reload, end on the opposite end of the liking spectrum. At some point, everything the other sim says will be taken negatively.

    Of course, if they start out with lots of shared traits or lots of opposing traits, the outcomes are more predictable. It's the in-between cases that can develop in a random way.
  • KevinL5275KevinL5275 Posts: 2,214 Member
    edited September 2019
    mw1525 wrote: »
    Wainwright Household:

    Wow, your Blaire Wainwright is incredibly beautiful. Good job on her makeover!!
    I'm a 45 year old married man, with a beautiful wife, a cat, and a simverted personality.
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  • simmerLellasimmerLella Posts: 590 Member
    Mikezumi wrote: »
    @simmerLella Now my brows look thin because they are grey but in my youth I had very thick, dark brows. I actually like a thicker brow on female sims but I haven't found any CC ones that I like and I certainly don't like the EA brows.

    I finally found some female brows that are both detailed and not-so-thin. The ruby one is thick. (brows are below makeup) <3

    I haven't even seen them in CAS yet though. I hope they look good.
    InfraGreen wrote: »
    @Mikezumi I have the same thicc brow love and like brntwaffles' set: I remember a lot of simmers opting for really thin brows in the times before Instagram was a big deal. Glad that changed tbh

    Thanks for the brow suggestion!

    I hope I like all my new brows. :indeterminable smiley:
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  • simmerLellasimmerLella Posts: 590 Member
    @mw1525 The best I can think so far (for dating Tay) is Emerald Greenwood.
    "Challenge everything"
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  • cwaddellcwaddell Posts: 4,960 Member
    mw1525 wrote: »
    Otherwise they are a normal couple:
    Your Blair and Ian make a cute couple.
  • mw1525mw1525 Posts: 1,060 Member
    Hope everyone in the U.S. is having a safe and pleasant Labor Day weekend! If you live elsewhere, I hope your day is also going well :)!

    @KevinL5275 - Thank you. She's a fun Sim to play with :).

    @simmerLella - Thanks. I'll have to look into her character.

    @cwaddell - Thank you.
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  • ZeeGeeZeeGee Posts: 5,218 Member
    Filming a scene with Michael Bachelor and guess who decides to photo bomb?!

    The Sequel: FINALE

  • emorrillemorrill Posts: 7,096 Member
    @mw1525 This thread has inspired me to head right on over to the Bunch house and give out some makeovers! :lol: (Even though this thread originally started out talking about Tay Bayless! :p )

    I must confess: I never played in Sunset Valley long enough, nor with Aging On to see how unfortunate some of the cute little children grow up to look...
    (About 95% of the time I play with Aging Off, as well as Story Progression Off because I like to be in control! :naughty: )
    I honestly think that when EA populated the very first Sims 3 town they were trying to make the children look adorable, but failed to realize what those sliders would cause them to look like upon age up. :confused:

    So anyway, if you'll indulge me for a bit I'd like to share my makeovers of the Bunch children, starting with Arlo! :lol:

    See, he's quite the cute little tyke (at least I think so). With a button nose. :blush:


    But then when I aged him up to YA...yeeeeeah... :neutral:

    ^The HAT the game put on him! :lol:

    My first thought was, Man they weren't kidding! The pictures shared were real!! :joy:

    Okay, so I needed to ditch the hat and gave him a nice hairstyle. I settled on this one.


    I knew I had my work cut out for me, but I was excited to do it. :grin:

    First I had to lower that nose!!! :grimace: Made the nostrils thinner. Then I "opened up" his eyes a bit and I think I changed his eyebrows.

    The result?



    I went on to reduce his jaw a little bit, give him a chin cleft, and then plump out his lower lip a tad.


    His profile looks much better:


    Because of the custom eyes I have some of the darker eye colors look TOO dark so I lightened his eyes up a bit. :) Then lastly I had to add on some lower eyelashes for him because ever since a friend of mine on here told me that "guy sims need eyelashes too!" I can't not put them on my male sims anymore. :lol:


    I say he went from being a -10 to an 8. :love:

    And he may not look as adorable as a kid like he did before...


    ...but at least he can be rest assured that he won't grow up causing everyone to turn away from him because of those unfortunate facial features! :grimace:

    Next I moved onto the little sister that he hates...Darlene Bunch. :p


    Just looking at her as a kid here I can already tell she's going to grow up with GINORMOUS lips! :(

    *Details of her makeover in the Spoiler.* :)

    Oh...yeah! VERY much so! :neutral: They're like Steven Tyler's lips! :grimace:
    (Does she look like Claire Ursine to any of the rest of you? 🤔)

    Once again I ditched the hat and threw on a hairstyle to get the hair out of her face (I'm not sticking with this style) while playing with sliders. I changed her eyebrows too.


    I wanted to keep her lips a little plump during the reducing because guys like plump, kissable lips. ;);)


    Profile is looking good. :)


    Next I made her eyes a little bigger...


    Then I lightened up her eye color a bit, threw on some makeup, and found the perfect hairstyle. :star:

    The final result? :)



    I didn't think she'd turn out so pretty and I think I saved her to the Sim Bin. (And I only save the best of sims in there. ;) )

    She definitely looks cuter as a child now. <3

    ^Ok, maybe I could've thrown on better eyebrows! :lol:

    Next I moved on to the snobby older sister...Lisa Bunch. :p


    She does have quite the masculine features...

    *Details of her makeover in the Spoiler.* :)
    When I aged her to YA I honestly thought she didn't look that bad.


    Even her profile was decent:


    I think I did a few very slight touch ups with the facial sliders and gave her a cute hairstyle:


    I couldn't stand her makeup :grimace: so I needed to change that... And her eyebrow color. It gave them some much needed definition.

    Her final result? :)




    When I aged her back down to a teen, I gave her some thick eyebrows because those seem to be all the rage right now. :p She's a real cutie.


    Lastly I moved on to Ethan Bunch. :)


    But I didn't change a THING on him because I always thought he was a little hottie to begin with and once I aged him up to YA, I wasn't disappointed! :mrgreen:

    ^Sure his eyes may be a little big, but really they aren't that bad. (And yes I put lower eyelashes on him when sending him back to a Teen. ;) )

    I gave the parents makeovers too. :blush: Which I will also place in a Spoiler because I don't want how picture heavy this post is to cause loading issues for anyone while viewing. :(
    Poor Judy Bunch. :(


    I think she gets SMH even when the struggle is REAL to keep up your physique and put on makeup often when you're the mother of more than 1 kid! So today I provided her with a very special makeover for an amazing lady! :star: (She even got a pedicure and relaxed in a mud bath for a while. ;) )

    I took away the "age definition" wrinkles because honestly...she doesn't need them. (Even though come to think of it kids CAN stress you out so bad to where you feel like you're getting wrinkles! :lol: )


    A new hairstyle, new glasses, new makeup and new clothes later.............




    Now there's a plus size momma who's got it going on! :mrgreen: (And no I didn't touch her body sliders...)

    I dorked around trying on this CC scarf? with her Formal Wear:


    And she's enjoying the new Swimsuit. ;) Like she's showing off some leg! :lol:


    With Jack Bunch...


    ...I didn't do much. I just gave him new hair, new eyebrows, lightened his eye color and a different facial hair style. Oh and new clothes too, but I didn't want to bother y'all with pictures of that. I knew I'd taken too many already. :grin:


    I really think he looks younger! now! :smiley:

    Well that's it for my Bunch makeovers. :mrgreen:

    Ooh, maybe I should do Chase Bayless next! :smiley: What do y'all think!?
  • mw1525mw1525 Posts: 1,060 Member
    @emorrill - Your Bunch family makeovers look wonderful! I have the family waiting in the CAS bin on my 'to-do' list but haven't gotten around to them yet. Darlene is really pretty and Arlo is handsome; he has that 'captain of the team' look about him ;).

    I don't know Chase Bayless but, if he also has his family's signature look, I'd be happy to see how you would make him over.
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  • TurjanTurjan Posts: 1,344 Member
    mw1525 wrote: »
    I don't know Chase Bayless...
    She looks like her mother with her father's ears.

  • mw1525mw1525 Posts: 1,060 Member
    Chase is a girl! Going by her name, I thought she would be male Sim...ooops :D! From the angle you shot her on, she doesn't look bad. I can see the potential in her.
    In times of Darkness, Turn on you Light of Love and Let it Shine!
  • KarritzKarritz Posts: 20,841 Member
    I like the look of all of the made over sims, but, if I were to do that in my games, I'd leave the original in my game relatively unchanged and give the made over version of that sim a new name. I might 'fix' the family tree so they all appear together as relatives of some sort.

    I have a rule in my own head that I can change hair and clothes and give sims a new CC Skin provided it doesn't change their look too much. If I change more than those things, then I consider them a new, sometimes related, sim.

    That's why I had so much difficulty changing the skin colours of Eric and Sammeh in my Big Game until I realised they'd inherited their father's skin and their mother's slider position. Her slider was way to the right but her skin is one of the multi coloured skins that came with Dragon Valley, so she appears very pale, but her slider was way across to the right.

    The two boys colouring just never reconciled with me, but I left them alone with their very dark skins until I finally worked out why they were as they were. In the end, left them both with their inherited skin but moved their slider to the left making them finally appear to belong with the rest of their family. It seemed so odd to me that two very pale parents could have produced such a dark child. If the boys had been adopted then it wouldn't have mattered, but they were born in game to those parents.

    I wouldn't want to change Tay Bayless if I were playing him. I'd instead see how many generations it took for those eyes and ears to disappear. I have seen people in real life with ears like that so I wouldn't want to make fun of them, even in a game. In real life people with ears like that do often seem to like to have them 'pinned back' surgically to make their ears appear less prominent. Additionally, as we age our ears keep getting bigger throughout life so there are lots of old people with really big ears.
  • thuggishsplicerthuggishsplicer Posts: 1,666 Member
    I'll add this Tay and Arlo children to my bucket list.
    If you reduce a little detail here and there, they look good.

    I also agree with @Karritz , even though I've made plastic surgeries in the past, I feel a bit ashamed when I change my sims' genetics too much.
  • emorrillemorrill Posts: 7,096 Member
    mw1525 wrote: »
    Chase is a girl! Going by her name, I thought she would be male Sim...ooops :D! From the angle you shot her on, she doesn't look bad. I can see the potential in her.

    I know! I was just telling @bekkasan earlier: "Since when is Chase a girl's name??"

  • rubyskywalkerrubyskywalker Posts: 733 Member
    Speaking of somewhat ugly sims... I never noticed but Justin Kayes has quite a large nose and distinctive ears... my current family includes him and little Luka inherited that nose... I hope he grows into it.
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  • ZeeGeeZeeGee Posts: 5,218 Member
    @emorrill Love your makeovers. :)

    @rubyskywalker I think Justin is quite cute except for that nose. It actually looks like a deformity to me, not just large. In my game his nose has sharp points on it? Does everyone else see that? And the only way I've been able to get rid of those sharp points is to give him a new nose from the presets then make it look as close to the one as he has but without the deformity.

    Sharp points:

    The width of the bridge actually goes into his eyes. :astonished:
    The Sequel: FINALE

  • KevinL5275KevinL5275 Posts: 2,214 Member
    mw1525 wrote: »
    @KevinL5275 - Thank you. She's a fun Sim to play with :).

    Does she have much CC? Do you have her online to share? I use an original bin version of Blaire Wainwright to populate my non-EA worlds, but your version, or another made-over version online, would look much better.

    @emorrill Excellent work on making over the Bunch family!! I don't think you'll win over Craven though. LOL

    I'm a 45 year old married man, with a beautiful wife, a cat, and a simverted personality.
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  • ZeeGeeZeeGee Posts: 5,218 Member
    @Mikezumi Lol, it for sure is! I should have done your trick of converted him to female to see how that would look :lol:
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