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The Early Years - Interactive Story

Onyeka001Onyeka001 Posts: 291 Member
Have you ever wondered what Premade Sims like Don Lothario or Summer Holiday might have been up to during their childhood? How did they even look? Who were their friends? Did they have a great family - or a no so great one?

I've created a story - or many small stories - depending on how you look at it where I play all the base game Premades as children.
The best part is that you get to help we write it - after each family's chapter, there's a poll that will decide what's going to happen the next time my rotation takes me to that family.

Each chapter is a pretty short read with a maximum of about 500 words and 5 screenshots.

The story starts here [ Early Years ] and you'll notice that you can't vote on some of the earliest chapters - but do not worry, there are always about 10-16 active polls where I'd love to have your input.

Don Lothario as a child admiring all the shiny Bosley Bots at the toy store
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