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Expansion Pack Idea ~ The Sims 4: Family Life



  • AccidentalBoisAccidentalBois Posts: 31 Member
    There could be an opportunity to have a party when your parents are at works and a whole new reprimanding system for teenagers. Also tweens could have options to like try do makeup and steal an older siblings clothes because that would be adorable!
  • Sofmc9Sofmc9 Posts: 373 Member
    edited September 9
    Sit on lap,


    Rock children/toddlers to sleep



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  • Briana2425Briana2425 Posts: 2,644 Member
    I love this idea a lot no surprise there. To the people saying what difference between is teens and preteens it's the same agrument with Adults and YA in the game what's the difference between them in the game besides only adding tiny wrinkles anything a YA and A does the exact same thing.
  • SageOfGlimmerBrookSageOfGlimmerBrook Posts: 262 Member
    ChadSims2 wrote: »
    Please no active school or preteens, not sure about babies since I tend to age them up right after birth, but other ideas sound great. We really need more gameplay objects for kids
    But why no active school why should adult Sims be the ONLY Sims that can be followed and played throughout their lives.

    I agree. I DO want active schools. Always have.
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  • amber_ilumireamber_ilumire Posts: 515 Member
    I love this idea, children/toddlers/babies definitely need more depth and gameplay options. I'm not sure I'd like an active school though. As the sims is right now, I feel like gameplay options in classes would be very repetitive and get old quickly like TS3 Uni classes did. Turning the active option on/off would be very useful in that case.
  • SimaniteSimanite Posts: 4,747 Member
    Some awesome ideas! We desperately need another family or lifestages pack.
  • M1ss_PlumbumM1ss_Plumbum Posts: 22 Member
    Plays for all ages:
    - Jumping robes
    - Jumping on one leg
    - Costume parties (where all invited show up in random costumes)
    - Mask ball
    - Role play
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