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Tokyosou: A Tokyo inspired Japanese World

KiearaPhoenixKiearaPhoenix Posts: 203 Member
edited January 31 in The Sims 3 World Builders

After a year long hiatus from sims 3, I recently began playing around CAW and decided to create a Tokyo inspired world for my needs. This world has a few sections that are inspired by various cities/towns around Japan.

-The central main section I hope gives the feel of downtown Tokyo.
-Westside has a small section that is a blend of Kyoto and the Meguro river area.
- to the south is a port that is inspired by Yokohama,
- to the East is a small mountain village section that was inspired by Yamanose. (If you ever played Shenmue, it is the village that Ryo Hazuki lives)

I am done. Finished all lots and the city itself. Yatta! Releasing the hopefully Final Version, I think I caught everything that needed fixing and have added a few more lots and upgraded some lots to feel more "tokyo-ish";

Download link
Mediafire: Tokyosou

Megaupload: Tokyosou

Edit: Fixed Festival Lot

Unfurnished/Empty: 12
Townie Homes: 37
Commerical Lots: 41
Empty lots: 7

====Packs and Stuff Need:
-All simpacks except supernatural
- Free Chinese New Year Set
-all other packages included (I checked all packages I used with Sims Dashboard by Delphy)

-Sims 3 Fast Lane for a few items (hospital and rockabilly club)
-Teppanyaki: (a few areas i.e. restaurant district)
-Deliciously Indulgent Bakery: (hospital, bakery underneath a couple of apartments)

Tokyosou Overview:

Castle with city in background

Castle Area with Fuji in background

Megurokyoto at night

Meguro river cherry blossoms

House in Yamamura

Overview Yamamura with Fujisan in back

East Tokyosou Nerd Hangout


Tokyosou Beta download here in case you prefer it to the update.

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  • KhemKat19KhemKat19 Posts: 129 Member
    Oh wow this looks great!! The sculpting on your Mt. Fuji looks very realistic, and man those cherry trees along the river are gorgeous <3 Your world definitely evokes the feeling of Tokyo, keep up the great work! I'll be so happy to watch this world evolve, I love all things Japanese :D you should share a bunch more pictures!!
    Just a suggestion, if you're not opposed to using "custom" terrains (some are actually custom, some are pulled from EA worlds), they can really add some realistic touches to a world! Modthesims and Nilxis's website have some really pretty terrains to download! Especially for rock and grass, they look much more realistic than the stock EA terrains :)
  • KiearaPhoenixKiearaPhoenix Posts: 203 Member

    I'll definately check out the terrain paint, thanks!
    Here's some pics of some of the exterior of the completed buildings,

    Central Tokyosou Festival lot in rain.

    Nagano Tokyosou Train Station.


    Tokyosou Metro Ao School

  • Bettyboop55Bettyboop55 Posts: 2,644 Member
    What a beautiful world you are creating and I just love the pictures of Mount Fuji and the bridge with the cherry trees <3
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  • KiearaPhoenixKiearaPhoenix Posts: 203 Member

    Thank you @Bettyboop55 ^_^

    A few more pics of things I've completed
    Tokyosou Shizuka Gravesite
    Would it be better to keep the Tomb Rabbithole red and let it stand out or recolor it
    to match the stone?

    Sumidapoi River at night

    Yamamura Village upper enterance
    The pets entrance really reminds me of Torii, (might go back and recolor it red)
    and in this case it marks the entrance to a mundane looking village, but is it really?

    Shiroi Shiro (White Castle) Area
    Not finshed yet, just was thinking of either making it a livable home or a Townie's home ( a Prince? Royalty?)
    And a spot for two homes and I don't know what will go in the commercial spot...
  • Nikkei_SimmerNikkei_Simmer Posts: 7,749 Member
    @KiearaPhoenix - When that world is want to download it. :) It looks terrific.
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  • HidehiHidehi Posts: 812 Member

    Tokyosou looks an absolutely awesome world! <3

    I must admit that a city environment with CC is visually so much better than without especially at night!!! ... and I agree with everyone else - the Sakura Walk along the river is extremely beautiful! Looking forward to seeing more screenshots :D
  • KiearaPhoenixKiearaPhoenix Posts: 203 Member
    @Nikkei_Simmer : Thanks! I hope to finish in the next couple of months, if not by the end of this year ^_^; Even if I don't finish by then I am thinking about uploading what I have so far...

    @Hidehi Thank you. Yeah it was really hard for me to decide to use CC, I tried just using the Bridgeport buildings and etc but it just didn't have the same feel I wanted for Tokyo...
    As such, I really admire your Da Changshi you are doing fantastic with no CC!

    I am still working on this! I have a few more buildings completed and started on making some Townies. I will update pics later or tomorrow.
  • KiearaPhoenixKiearaPhoenix Posts: 203 Member
    edited September 2019
    Here are some more more screenshots...

    Sumadiapoi River Docks

    Lower Yamamura row of houses

    An adorable little Koban (small neighboorhood police station)

    More Screenshots
    Fishing Spot
  • HidehiHidehi Posts: 812 Member

    Great to see some more awesome screenshots :) !!!

    I especially love the look of the river docks, the row of houses of Lower Yamamura and the realistic looking onsen <3
    ... I actually can't wait for you to make Tokyosou available to download ... despite the CC :D
  • Bettyboop55Bettyboop55 Posts: 2,644 Member
    Beautiful work. I particularly like the way the riverside buildings reflect in the river :)
    I no longer use Origin or My Page. You can find me on YouTube or Twitter as Bettyboop711000. You are welcome to contact me as I explore options for a PC sandbox life simulation game.
    Wherever I am friends call me Betty

    Sim enim est vita
  • Pinmat135Pinmat135 Posts: 346 Member
    This is awesome! Of course, I love the Sakura Walk, like everyone else, lol. I'm jealous, I wish I could use CAW, but I'm on a Mac. Ugh, why couldn't they just design Sims 3 for Mac like every other Sims game?! *cough cough* anyway... I really like this so far. What packs are you using? I currently have only Late Night and Supernatural, and I want to know what packs I need to get to use this world. Don't worry, I'll buy them all eventually anyway, so don't feel like you're forcing me to spend money to get this world.
  • chojrakchojrak Posts: 147 Member
    It's so atmospheric. You built climat with mainly wall textures and roof shapes, which is not easy to do. I love minimalistic buildings like Dojo or Police Station, but also cute district with details in front of houses. Japaneese gardens make also great opportunity to get insane with terrain shaping on lots like you did it here.

    Japaneese worlds seems to be very heavy for computers, but this seems to be light for game. So can't wait till I have it in my game, it looks like it doesn't kill my laptop, so keeping fingers crossed. :lol:
  • CryptoidUKCryptoidUK Posts: 1 New Member
    omg that looks beautiful <3 Cannot wait to be able to add it to my game!
  • Emily4331Emily4331 Posts: 10,441 Member
    This looks incredible! Can't wait to see the finished product. :3
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  • KiearaPhoenixKiearaPhoenix Posts: 203 Member
    edited October 2019
    @Hidehi : ^_^ I was afraid that the CC would make ppl not want to try out Tokyosou so to hear some still want to play it even with, is giving me a second wind to finish!

    @Bettyboop55 : Thank you and so sorry for the late reply!

    @Pinmat135 ; So far I've used every expansions pack except supernatural sorry! ^^;
    In order of most important to least...
    World Adventures, Late Night and University are almost tied for most important
    Seasons, Generations, Into the Future are also important but not as much
    Pets, Showtime and Island Paradise, I haven't heavily used the items except on maybe a couple lots.
    i.e Island Paradise isn't used except on the docks and beach.

    I may have used an item from the Fast Lane and High End Loft stuff packs, in one or two lots, but they aren't important enough to need. And I may go back and replace them with something else anyway...

    I am trying not to use a lot of stuff from the store, but I did use the Teppanyaki from the
    "Ittadakimasu Teppanyaki"set and maybe some doors from the Zen Again Japanese set...and the car from Roaring Heights, but those things aren't absolutely needed. (If you buy or bought world adventures I think if you register it you get 1000 sim points to spend, which is how I got the the Ittadaki set combined with using the daily deal, there's a lovely thread here that helped me get more bang for my buck )

    I am searching and trying to find cc counterparts so that you don't need to buy/use any of the Stuff packs or Store. So far I've only found door replacements, haven't found a teppanyaki nor fixer upper car, but I am seriously considering making two versions of Tokyosou, less crowded version with maybe less CC and more Store stuff.

    @chojrak Thank you! I am really trying to make it look like an authentic modern Japanese world, so I am inspired by a lot of real buildings around Tokyo and or parts of Japan. I.E
    Seito University Hospital is inspired by

    Chiba Nishi General Hospital


    Tokyosou Metro Aoi School is inspired by
    Aoi Tokyo Metro School

    I hope your laptop can handle it too! So far my laptop hasn't croaked, but I haven't playtested a long game, just mostly played around to double check routing and aesthetics in game.

    @CryptoidUK : Thanks <3 I am really hoping to have it finished before the end of this year.

    @Emily4331; Thank you ^.^!
    Edit: I am seriously considering making a light version with less CC and utilizing more of the store and maybe take out a couple of the heavily decorated lots for lower end computers...once this version is completed
  • KiearaPhoenixKiearaPhoenix Posts: 203 Member
    edited October 2019
    Still working and getting things done slowly but surely! I really think if I can keep this momentum it'll be done by end of December or mid January.

    Here's some more screenshots of progress
    Tokyosou, downtown east section. I tried to make it look like one of the busier sections of Tokyo with all the neon signs.

    Inspired from Shenmue, the Hazaki's house overlooking Tokyosou

    Megurokyoto in winter

    Tokyosou Metro Government Building
    (which is inspired off of the Tokyo Metropolitaion Government Building )

    Tokyosou Kabukiza Theatre

    Which I tried to get as close as I could to the actual Kabukiza Theater in Tokyo without using cc.
  • Bettyboop55Bettyboop55 Posts: 2,644 Member
    Awesome work <3 Great cityscapes and your theatre makes me want to go see the real thing for myself.
    I no longer use Origin or My Page. You can find me on YouTube or Twitter as Bettyboop711000. You are welcome to contact me as I explore options for a PC sandbox life simulation game.
    Wherever I am friends call me Betty

    Sim enim est vita
  • chojrakchojrak Posts: 147 Member
    Picture in winter looks adorable :grimace:
    Despite I prefer smaller towns, I find it cool, that there's such a diversity in architecture. There are skyscrapers but also more rural areas, with buildings like from past centuries.
  • ImTheCoffee1ImTheCoffee1 Posts: 6 New Member
    Holy mackrel. This stuff is incredible.

    I'm new to the rodeo, so I must ask: Do you do everything yourself? I've tried making worlds (on my own) but I found that it is A LOT of hard work and dedication. How do you do it?
  • KiearaPhoenixKiearaPhoenix Posts: 203 Member
    edited November 2019
    Thank you! @chojrak, I always loved that about Tokyo, the modern mixed with the old.
    and Thank you kindly ^.^ @Bettyboop55

    @ImTheCoffee1: I am doing everything myself and this is my first time having a go at world making. I am learning as I go and boy does the CAW have a huuuuge learning curve.

    You are soooo right, it is sooo much work! Some of the issues I've come across from doing a world, for myself are staying invested and interested and overcoming being bored, frustrated or feeling like giving up.

    I guess being a little stubborn helps, cause when I come across an issue or something I don't know how to fix, sometimes I feel like giving up but then a little voice kicks in and says, " Uh no. You've started this, you're gonna finish this."

    I started out by having the way I'd like the city to look like and then as I go fill in more trees, more buildings, go back to sculpting more painting and adding in more details. I also knew what I wanted so I made a list and as I finish making/adding I move it to a completion list so I feel like I'm actually accomplishing something.

    Doing the world in chunks helps a little, once most of it is laid down. But then sometimes I really just spend a day doing one thing. (for example I am getting the hang of sculpting so yesterday I spent all day adding details and ridges to all the hills/mountains) I am in nooo way a linear planning type, I am very haphazard. >_>; probably not a good thing when planning a city lol

    When I get bored of planting the umpteenth tree and feel overwhelmed I switch up things to like making townies or building exteriors, then switch to doing the interiors on a different day. Or skip CAW period and open up the city and look for routing issues or things I've missed/need to fix in game. (Actually lately, playing around with the townies has made me want to finish certain things even more; like where I imagine they go to work, live, play, etc or given me inspiration for a setting that I want to include.)

    I will say if I ever make another world after this one, I am definitely going to keep it smaller ^_^;

  • GraceyManorGraceyManor Posts: 18,470 Member
    This world looks really nice.Bookmarking the thread to watch your process.
  • Pinmat135Pinmat135 Posts: 346 Member
    How's it going? Anything new?
  • KiearaPhoenixKiearaPhoenix Posts: 203 Member
    @GraceyManor Thanks for watching! ^^
    @Pinmat135 Yes! Not a whole lot of new lots, but I have redone some sculpting, added details and worked on a bunch of townies.

    I filled in more trees and grass for the outskirts near the train station.

    Mt. Fuji has much more detail and repainted the snow, again added more grass.

    Beach screenshot, caught a rainbow!

    Children & Aliens




  • cgavilanescgavilanes Posts: 18 Member
    Sunset over Mt. Fuji looks absolutely stunning, great job!

    Also, the alien lady is giving me the creeps haha
  • KiearaPhoenixKiearaPhoenix Posts: 203 Member
    @cgavilanes Thanks! And lol yea, she's an alien/human hybrid and those human eyes are unnerving. I think I'll resize them a bit smaller.
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