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How to make houses feel less isolated?

Almost every lot in this game feels like it’s the only place in town when I’m on the lot (Brindleton, Windenburg, etc). I’ve built a bunch of empty houses on a 64 x 64 lot to feel like a suburban street, with my sim occupying one house, but it’s still super lonely since obviously nobody walks through the lot.

Any tips on how to make these spaces feel full/lived in? I want a community feeling and the game just doesn’t have it.


  • phantasmkissphantasmkiss Posts: 775 Member
    If you made your 64 x 64 lot a public lot, like a lounge or a park, Sims would visit. You'd have to just pretend to live there, but I believe you can lock doors and I know you can still have your household claim beds.

    Has anyone actually tried this? I've invited Sims over and locked the doors so they were unofficially in my household and I've had Sims live on their retail lots, but there's got to be a way around the game mechanics.
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  • MoonfoxNightcryMoonfoxNightcry Posts: 142 Member
    I guess I could try that, with a sim that worked from home? I’ll give it a go, thanks!
  • SimeterySimetery Posts: 63 Member
    I think windenburg is suppose to feel a little rural? Ive played in the dog park neighborhood of Brindleton and it always seems pretty lively (if youre more on the dog park side and not where the heckings are) and Ive also played on the more seaside part of town which depending on what lot you play on can feel a little isolated. (my favorite is the little lot right on the beach that has a starter home on it) I think it just depends on the specific lots you play on. In windenburg you could put a house in the town square area (where the cafe and library are) and it would probably feel better than the outskirts of town if youre looking for more townie foot traffic.

    You could also buy a retail space and live in it but not use it as retail. Ive never tried this but i still assume customers would show up even if there is nothing to do/buy??
  • SimmingalSimmingal Posts: 1,061 Member
    edited August 22
    funny because i have exact opposite problem :joy:
    i keep feeling there is too many sims everywhere

    I guess to make it more busy id make sims live on lots that are surrounded by public venues
    and/or give them more neighbors

    or just live in San Myshuno spice district pretty much its most lively neighborhood to the point of lag
    Sulani is also very full of random sulani sims doing stuff
    Willow Creek also has lots of sims walking about
    (considering I could kill 10 walk bys in row testing some mods and there was still more sims passing the house)

    Brindleton and Windenburg are indeed more quiet but I just love it so idk how to help with those :joy:
    other than making it public lot like nightclub and just making your sims live there anyway :joy:
    i have made some ''nightclubs'' that are more of a ''party house'' in penthouses and its kinda cool
    idk how it works with sims going to school, work etc tho since they probably go home when they come back I assume?
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