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Realm of Magic SimGuru/Maxis-Sourced Info

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Thanks in advance to everyone who helps source info! Thanks as well for keeping on topic here — this thread can move fast even on topic as marketing ramps up. This isn't a discussion thread. Please keep any questions, reactions, and speculation elsewhere. I’ll link out to other particularly active threads.

Other threads of note:
@simgirl1010 has a pre-trailer thread
@catloverplayer has started his Countdown Thread!

Index - Categories may change! This is just a starter setup
Note: You may need to scroll down after clicking because of how the site loads images, including embeds from Twitter. I’ve left some blanks at the end to update as we learn more about the pack.
Official Blog Posts, Trailers, & Livestream Links
Announcement trailer
Announcement Blog: Realm of Magic Is Coming

Official Gameplay Video:

Upcoming Events
Deepdive livestream: September 6
Pack launch:
  • PC and Mac: September 10, 2019
  • PlayStation® 4 and Xbox One: October 15, 2019

There's a Maxis Monthly coming up with a focus on new CAS and Build/Buy for Sims 4. This seems to be coming in the patch? It doesn't say here that this is for the pack:

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