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The Sims Makin' Magic is beautiful!



  • NausNaus Posts: 404 Member
    It is. The art and sound design, the gameplay and whole concept is great. It feels like the most cohesive and inspired magic pack they ever made. I love that casting spells isn't simply levelling up a skill, and you actually need to work hard to find the ingredients and you only have a limited number of uses for your spells.

    I LOVE the carnival-themed objects:

    The magic duel mini-game is really fun too:
  • simmeroriginsimmerorigin Posts: 585 Member
    Cinebar wrote: »
    I finally got The Sims to work in Windows 10, what a hassle, thanks Microsoft for all the trouble you caused me, lol. I have been enjoying the game again especially sending my Sims to Magic Town. This time I intend to get enough magic coins (no cheats) to buy a home there, but it might take years since my Sims aren't very good at earning very many coins. I keep spending them on spells. :D

    The best way is to max logic skill (don't get a real job, just chess all day). Then use large performance stage with the mummy over and over again when in a great mood. You should get around 300+ magicoins in a trip before your mood is too low.
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