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Sweet Treat Showdown Is Exhausting



  • RachelewRachelew Posts: 2 New Member
    It takes forever for it to reload after you have used your chances. It’s frustrating when you have an 80-90 percent chance of success and it doesn’t work it’s like those don’t even matter at all. The game just keeps making you spend money with little rewards. It’s impossible to complete these quests and tasks. You end up spending so much money and not succeeding and going forward at all it’s very frustrating and makes me want to quit playing all together
  • hhlhhl Posts: 1 New Member
    After the first showdown, I thought twice about putting too much into it. I had assumed it would be a rare event so wouldn’t mind too much to splurge a bit. Ha. Well, I did save up enough resources not to have to add real money. By the end, I was left with maybe 20% of simoleons, 1/3 cupcakes, simcash only spent 50 or so, and did’t get enough tokens to open all boxes. Pretty discouraging and that doused all initial enthusiasms.

    Since then, I just check out the grand prizes to see if they look interesting, no longer pressured chasing after all prizes and colors. I still participate in these events. Whatever drops out of the sky is a bonus. Simply trying to enjoy the game.
  • Nomiko13Nomiko13 Posts: 1,486 Member
    Re-downloaded this game to try out this Sweet Treat Showdown with Laundry Day SP items from TS4 and nothing much changed. At first, my sim won back to back as long as she had at least 70% or more but now, she loses... even at 90%+ in the FIRST ROUND. The first round, y'all.

    I'm not even upset because I tried again this time around with low expectations. I'm feeling meh about it. All I know is, I won't be spending another dime on this game -- my decision is even more solidified now. I may end up deleting the game again. My phone won't mind the extra internal storage.
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  • Doxiedog6Doxiedog6 Posts: 40 Member
    Exhausting is way too kind for this. It is not even fun. None of it and the prizes are lamer every time. I have hardly participated, have a few dollars left and will use and probably delete too.
  • ItsMeTeeItsMeTee Posts: 1 New Member
    Hi everyone 😊
    How many sweet treat challenges are we supposed to get in 24 hours?
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