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Just wanted to share.

MindofyMindofy Posts: 114 Member
So, my sim Janet married Erwin Pries. While Janet became a terrific gardener, Erwin became the hero of Strangerville. They were so lovely together, that I wanted them to have a kid. So, I took a quick peek in CAS. Those kids they would've had were...well...Anyway, I took a stab and had them adopt. They ended up with a boy named Meko who is amazing and very handsome. Erwin and Janet were terrific parents and Meko was just the greatest son. Anyway, Meko fell in love with Lillith Vatore, who turned human just for him. They became pregnant very quickly, and the day their son was born, both Janet and Erwin passed at the same time. Meko named his son Erwin II in his father's honor, and little Erwin and his parents are just an amazing, loving family. I just absolutely love this family! I know a great deal of people hate on the game, but I just wanted to assure other simmers that there are still some of us out here who just love it. I'll try to post pics later, I'm on mybphine just now. Happy simming everyone!


  • SimAlexandriaSimAlexandria Posts: 1,347 Member
    I love it too :) I don't play premade Except Erwin cuz he's the best haha. In my game, one of my 100 baby challenge kids named China Bennett grew up and moved to Sulani. She's best friends with Erwin and when she heard rumours of the existence of mermaids while working as a conservationist so she called him up and he was really eager to get started on a new conspiracy theory so he's crashing on her sofa in Sulani trying to find one.
  • nerdfashionnerdfashion Posts: 3,026 Member
    Too bad I don't have Strangerville. Erwin is still my favorite townie though.
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