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Let's play the "Have you ever..." game!

OphiuchuserRulesOphiuchuserRules Posts: 72 Member
Been playing the sims 4 for a while, I've always been amused by some little things, dramas, the unexpected, or even bugs that can surprise, amaze or annoy me while playing. Now I'm curious about that have other people also experienced the same? This thought inspired me to create this post so that people can compare to others. Once you share it, you can discuss it with other people who also feel the same, and the connection is made. And I, personally, think that a game will be better when you can share it with others who can connect to you. I believe that's the main goal of this forums.

Now enough of chit-chat, let's start the game with some simple rules!

1. Post a sentence with "Have you ever...", if you have, give the like to let that person know that he/she isn't alone. But if you have not, then don't do anything to let that person know his/her experience is unique.

2. To make it easier, please post only one question in each post. Don't post more than one because not everyone will experience all your questions in one post, which will cause problem in this game.

3. It's good that you want to play this game with lots of "have you ever", which I totally appreciate, but please don't post in a row for the fear that it'll look like spam. Post after a while so that this thread will look neat and clear.

Since I stated this game, I'd better make an example:

Have you ever wondered why Vladislaus Straud, who is a evil sim, still try to help you when you turn into a vampire? He should have been a good sim by doing this. LOL


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