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A Newcrest Collaboration with Polish, French, & English Forums World link Posted

BreeMilesBreeMiles Posts: 7,973 Member
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We made a collab build of Newcrest with the Polish, French, & English forums! Find each individual build on the gallery by using #CollabNewcrestPFE or #CollabNewcrestPFE2019!

We teamed up with our 5 builders from the English forums,

and the Polish forum group of 5 Link to forum page:
(Gallery ID) Claudiova @bubu53
(Gallery ID) Monika150395 @DominikaLo
(Gallery ID) Simplesims0 @Patrycja98577

and the French forum group of 6 - Link to forum page:

(Gallery ID) julimo2012 @Julimo
@Meliaone & (Gallery ID mokuseix) @Mokuseixet

to make a wonderful group of builds for the Newcrest world! Link to world listed in next post!

Each team voted on a style of home/community to bring to Newcrest! We then added them together and made Newcrest!

A very special Thank you to our wonderful @rosemow for helping us all get together!! <3<3

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