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Impossible to get a price on the new moshino thing

I've spent nearly half an hour trying to just find out how much it costs and it's proven to be impossible. Why do you not put the price of the things you sell right on the product?

I'm on my phone. I cant put the thing in a cart to check the price. None of the videos on youtube directly say the price and I dont have seven hours to watch them all.

This is really utterly ridiculous. Even google can't seem to give me a straight answer.
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  • drake_mccartydrake_mccarty Posts: 5,823 Member
    $10 is the price of stuff packs for this game. Unless you are talking about the actual clothing which retails for upwards of $200 per item.
  • RouensimsRouensims Posts: 1,967 Member
    $9.99 US.
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