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Improved Relationship - Parenthood system for other relationships

SiliCloneSiliClone Posts: 2,263 Member
edited August 12 in Gameplay Mods
I made this mod for myself, too.. and I've been using it for some time, now.

What this mod does is very simple, it adds buffs to other relationships in game based on proximity, the same way Parenthood adds a buff if a sim has a good or bad relationship with the family... so, now, for example, two Sims who have the "bad romance" relationship (or similar) will feel like this around each other:
or like this around a Sim they badly divorced from:
but they will feel different if the relationship starts working again...
and if they manage to make it works... they will feel...

This works for every non family relationship in game, so for example your sim will feel the butterflies around their lovebird (if they don't have "a past" together:
or in love with their lovers...

Happy with their soulmate, confident around their best friend, angry around their enemies, sad around someone who left them at the altar etc...

get it here...

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