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Jane Grace Olivia's Nerdfighter Voyager blog book review feedback Help please?

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In Gen 7 chapter 4, Jane Grace Olivia is going to start review books (among a movie and a play)..there are only 4 books central to the Gen 7 teen arc but I need feedback of the descriptions of 3 of the 4 books (for people interested in helping me with the 4th book due to its darker tone-please PM me).

Time Traveler's Wife
What would you do if you meet your husband before he meet you?

That's the premise of this romatic but heart-breaking story about a wife, Clare who like Oddesyus' Penople is always waiting for her husband Henry to return home. Henry has a gentic gene which makes him basically an epletic time-traveler under stressful times. Clare first meets post-married him when he's 40 but Clare's is 6. Henry on the other hand doesn't meet Clare until he's 28 and Clare 20 in 1991. Clare has a lot of off-and-on visits from (older) Henry through her childhood and adolsence until she was 18. After getting married they tried for a baby but they have some problems but eventually have one child. There are parts of the story which are a bit too gory for me.

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    seriously I need some help here
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    Paper Towns
    Q has a crush on his neighbour Maro. After one amazing night with her she disappears and he's left obsessing with potential cryptic clues.

    Quentin ("Q") is your normal avergage teenage boy living in Orlando, Florida. One night his ex-friend, crush, and Popular Girl Margo Roth Spiegelman asks him to join/drive her on an adventure that night. It took a couple of days before Q learned that Margo had done another disappearing act but this time she seem gone for good. So Q and his friends Ben and (POC) Radar look around Margo's empty room for potential clues after he sees a poster on the curtain of Margo's room. Afterwards Q is very obessed with any potenial cryptic clues he thinks might be helpful in finding Margo. Q, Ben, and Radar (and Radar's GF) end up taking a 42(?) hour trip to a Paper Town. Do they find her? Read the book yourself
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