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If a Better Babies Mod could be made

Suika7Suika7 Posts: 22 Member
edited August 2019 in General Mods Discussion
Not sure where to post this so if this isn't the place, I apologize.

If a mod could be made to make babies better than their current interactive-item state, would you want them to last longer as babies before aging up? I'm not a modder yet but I'm getting into it slowly, and I was thinking about things that babies could do that would make them feel less like an annoying item and more like a sim. If they were given things to learn (like sitting up, for example) then that would probably take more than two days on normal lifespan. I believe babies last 12 days on long, but there's still a set time limit before they age to toddlers. I was thinking basing them a bit off of the npc system for pets where they're still mostly at the mercy of their caregiver but can learn to be mobile and become aware of things around them. Yes, I know, we all hate that pets can't be played without a mod. But it makes more sense to me to build them like pets than like playable sims since they're brand new to literally everything. And there's a ton of guesswork that goes into figuring out what infants want and need just like with pets. That's my thought on the matter, at least. But even having them basically move from being and item to being a "pet" as it were, would require them to hang around at the baby stage longer than is currently scripted.

So my question is this:

If a Better Babies Mod required the babies to stick around longer before aging to Toddlers, would you still be interested in playing with it, or would you want all the new things to happen within the coded time frame?

Feel free to discuss below ;)

If a Better Babies Mod could be made 14 votes

Yes, I'd play with them even if they lasted as babies longer
28% 4 votes
No, I want the babies made better but still only last two days
35% 5 votes
I guess it depends on the gameplay
35% 5 votes


  • nerdfashionnerdfashion Posts: 5,572 Member
    If the gameplay you somehow add is good, I will gladly let the baby life stage last longer.
  • AmandèleAmandèle Posts: 325 Member
    I usually play with the long lifespan so I would prefer it if they didn't last longer :)
    Sorry for the mistakes, English is not my first language ^^'
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