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Mouses Birthday Mafia

MousellineMouselline Posts: 1,439 Member
edited August 14 in Stories and Legacies
Your at a bday party. Someone suggests to play a video game. The person who’s bday it was picks out there favorite game. You turn on the video game and al u guys get plum in! To get out of the game, one team must win. To win, one team must die. You must be willing to sacrifice your friends if u are going to get out of here alive.

Lol this was kind of a Birthday, Jumanji Mafia. I’m using the Jungle of — set up. Because I don’t want to get in trouble u will have to search it yourself

1 Bubbz☠️
2 City☠️
3 Dekay
4 Alexa
5 Nerd

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