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Want a drawing of your sim?

Loves2draw1812Loves2draw1812 Posts: 52 Member
edited August 16 in Artist Haven
Just what the title says ^^

I've been lacking in motivation to draw lately, even though I want to. After participating in this years Artfight, I found that a no pressure drawing for someone else can be good motivation. Gets me drawing, and sometimes back into the flow to get working on personal art and someone gets a pic from it ^^

So enough of my rambling.
If interested post a pic of your sim and I'll try and get a drawing of some form done :)
Can be any type of sim, supernatural ect
Doesn't have to be a 'straight on' pic either ^^

I'm going to try and use this as a chance to experiment in my style of drawing (*try* being key there ^^; ) so results may vary.
I also can't say when I'll get each drawing done, it all depends on the usual factors (work, time ect) but I'll be posting the pics when they are finished :)
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