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100 Baby Challenge: A McCallister Story [LAST UPDATE: September 22th, 2019]

SkeilahSkeilah Posts: 212 Member
So, on August 9, 2019 I started my own 100 Baby Challenge with Bella McCallister as the first 'matriarch'. Of course, there will be regular updates of Bella's story on my blog and I'll pronounce them regularly. My episodes are not super long. For that reason there will be much episodes per generation. But don't let that scare you! It's super fun!

By clicking right here, you will go to the homepage of my 100 Baby Challenge section. There you will find all the credits for the main creator of this challenge and some extra information about the challenge. Then, you’re ready to read!

LAST UPDATE: September 22th, 2019
--- <3 <3 <3 ---

Episodes Gen 1 - Bella

All episodes can be found here!

When you stopped reading somewhere in the middle, this list with all clickable episodes available will come in handy. Just go to the website and click on the episode you want to read. From there you can click 'next episode' at the bottom of each story.

--- <3 <3 <3 ---

Children count: 17
Single kids: 10
Twins (x2): 2
Triplets (x3): 1

--- <3 <3 <3 ---

Photo's of all the children + their traits
(Photo's may be updated better than the story, because publishing photo's don't take much as time as writing stories)

1. Sam

2. Christian

3. Max

4. Alyssa (twin)

5. Andrew (twin)

6. Fay

7. Ivey

8. Nina

9. Thomas

10. Britt

11. Martin (triplet)

12. Matthew (triplet)

13. Michael (triplet)

14. Susie

15. Grace
Current youngest daughter - next matriarch

16. Jack
No photo yet, he's still a newborn.

16. Jacob
No photo yet, he's still a newborn.

--- <3 <3 <3 ---

Have fun reading! <3
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