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Hope TS5 takes place ...

several years into the future after the events in TS2 instead of an alternative universe. It should focus on the next generation of Sims/Families.

Mortimer has passed away. Cassandra is an Elder. Alexander is a Young Adult/Adult and is married to Lucy Burb (Jennifer and John Burb's daughter) and have kids of their own. Cassandra has a teen daughter/son from her marriage with Darren Dreamer. Darren Dreamer is an elder

Bella returns, but her children are confused as to why their mother looks like as if a day hasn't passed by from that night many years ago.

Don Lothario is an Elder and is STILL a Casanova, but with the arrival of a younger, new Casanova in town, how can he compete? Will he give up his ways and finally settle?

Dina nee Caliente Goth is an elder along with her sister Nina Caliente. Dina has a daughter from her marriage with Mortimer. Nina has a daughter from woohooing with Don. This is what happens when you don't use protection kids. The daughters are involved with the new town Casanova.

Dirk Dreamer (Adult) and Lilith Pleasant are married.

Dustin Broke and Angela Pleasant are married. They have triplets.

Just a few ideas off the top of my head.


  • ClarionOfJoyClarionOfJoy Posts: 1,164 Member
    I like TS2 but I don't feel it's perfect and is quite over-rated. I'm hoping TS5 will have continue stories from TS1, TS2, TS3 and TS4, but I'm looking forward to the new sims with their own unique stories too.
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  • simgirl1010simgirl1010 Posts: 16,757 Member
    I too would hope we get a whole new generation of Sims and back stories in TS5. Especially as its quite easy to recreate those Sims. I have Agnes Crumplebotton, the Greenwoods, the Pleasants, the Drip brothers and a few other S3 Sims in my S4 game. Plus they don't have much relevance for new simmers.
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  • friendlysimmersfriendlysimmers Posts: 6,648 Member
    for me in sims5 i would love to see the premades from sims 1 sims2 sims3 and sims4 as well as options toggles so each players can set there game to fit there playstyle as well as much cc for sims5 lol cc adict i am including the option in game since i am a player that keeps aging fully off the option to turn off againg as well as disable death since i prefer my sims living forver
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  • FairyGodMotherFairyGodMother Posts: 7,199 Member
    S4 was the start of a new series, it is a "different" game. S4 should have never had the premades from the prior games. They should of made new sims and the story should have been that the landgraabs died and [insert name] has taken over. Bella disappeared and Mortimer died trying to find her, so [insert name] bought their house and give them a story. S4 should have been all new premades and stories.

    S5 should be new stories.
  • playermarko456playermarko456 Posts: 4,944 Member
    edited August 2019
    Bella is the "poster child" for the Sims Franchise. She's been in TS1, TS2, TS3, TS4 and Sims Bustin' Out. In Sims 2, according to SimPE, she was the very first Sim EA/Maxis created. There are many Easter Eggs referring to her in various iterations of the Sims. If you didn't know, TS3 happens before TS1 and TS2 happens afterwards. TS4 is an alternate universe. Ofc, TS5 should (not saying it will) continue off TS2 with the introduction of new stories; mix of old and new.

    In The Sims 3, the family lives in Sunset Valley, which is set around 50 years before The Sims 2 and 25 years before The Sims. At this time, it consists of Gunther, Cornelia, and young Mortimer. They are "old money", which means that they have inherited their wealth from earlier generations. According to in-game sources, Old Town was formed by Gunther Goth while seeking a better life for his wife Cornelia and son Mortimer. Seems like life in Sunset Valley wasn't so great especially with the clashing ideals of the Alto family.

    Also, the description of Pleasanview: A lot has happened in 25 years, but some new faces in town are stirring up rivalries and creating tension for the once happy families. Can anything be done to get the neighborhood feeling good again?

    TS2 takes 25 years after TS1 and TS3 takes place 50 years before TS2. If you're playing Sims from a storytelling standpoint, you'd play TS3 first, then TS1, and then TS2. Sims 4 has nothing to do with the original story and as such is treated as a "new game."

    Personally, I'd like them to finish the story with TS5 and start a new one with new generation of Sims/their children.
  • CinebarCinebar Posts: 31,866 Member
    It would be interesting to see Casandra's grown child or Alex's all grown up digging up bones in the back yard only to find out Bella isn't buried in the home lot or in Gothier Green Graveyard. lol Rummaging through the Goth mansion to find Mortimer's hidden diary or something of what happened to the real Bella, and yeah as someone said here, who was that laughing on the balcony? :D
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