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Friday Highlight August 9th - Special Summer edition

EA_MaiEA_Mai Posts: 1,800 EA Staff (retired)
Hey Simmers, welcome to our first Friday Highlight special Summer edition!


As I mentioned last Friday, I'm taking some time off - I wrote this post in advance because, what's a Friday on the forums without a Friday Highlight? ;) This Mai from the past doesn't know what great topics you have come up with during the week so instead of me recommending topics to visit, let's do things the other way around this time!:

What awesim discussions have you come across this week while exploring the forums? Share the link below to recommend everyone to visit them!

A couple asks from me to make things more fun:
  • Pick 1-5 topics that have been active in the last 1-2 weeks - I'm sure you could easily find 25 or more, but let's try to keep the list to a smaller size :smiley:
  • Please, try to recommend discussions you have discovered during the week, and avoid recommending your own topics

I'll be back middle next week, and I'm looking forward discovering what discussions you left here to catch up on what I missed! ^^

Happy Summer, and happy Simming,
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