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No Grim Reaper in Sulani - anyone else?

MaggieMarleyMaggieMarley Posts: 4,288 Member
This is what happens: If a sim dies in Sulani, their tombstone or urn pops up but there is no Grim. But if a sim dies in any other world, Grim does appear. I don’t know if this also happens with NPC sims. So far I have only tested with played sims and only on the home lot (which has usually been Pier Perfection).

This does not seem to be a problem in all saves. I have tested it in 6 of my saves: in three of them, Grim does appear in Sulani and in three of them he does not. I have also tried it in a new save and in that new save Grim did appear in Sulani. Interestingly, the saves in which Grim does not turn up in Sulani are my more long running ones. One of them has gone on for 10 generations and another for 8 generations.

By the way, this is without mods. But even when I had mods installed I only had MCCC and a vampire powers mod by littlemssam and I have never had CC.

The saves in which Grim does turn up in Sulani are only 2 generations or 1 generation.

So here is my question: Please can especially those with long running or multi generational saves kill an active sim on their home lot (preferably Pier Perfection) in Sulani and see if Grim turns up?

If this is happening to you, please press ‘me too’ at the Answers HQ bug report


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