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need help filling top part of a roof please?

Tenchigirl15Tenchigirl15 Posts: 101 Member
edited August 1 in The Sims 4 Lots
hi everyone! is there tutorials or tips on filling the top part of a half hipped roof? I'm making a replica of a house from an 80's cartoon series and it need's to be flat serviced. I tried everything including putting wood shelves in it and it still wouldn't look right. please help me out. thanks! :)



  • GwinielGwiniel Posts: 856 Member
    edited August 2
    There's 2 option: either you make a room on that area and build a ceiling - using floor tiles to cover it, or if you want the same roof pattern, build a normal roof on that spot and flatten it as far as you possibly can - that way you get to use the same roof pattern but it will look slightly raised from rest of the roof.

    Edit: Making a room won't work in this case as I forgot the walls will go much higher 'cause of the shallow roof angle.

    I don't know any other way to make a "flat" roof and have it be weather proof! If it doesn't have to be weather proof, and if you have spa day pack, you could always use those slabs under fountain decoration while having bb.moveobjects on.
  • Rostri-JoduRostri-Jodu Posts: 660 Member
    You could make a "room" using the shortest half-wall. That should fill the space, but not rise too far above the roof line.
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