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Go to School Question

Is it possible in ANY WAY to follow multiple sims to school at once with the Go to School mod? I would like to get the mod, but the household I plan to use has 5 kids, and I’ve heard you can only follow 1 sim to school each day. I feel like, if I could only follow 1 at a time, I wouldn’t get anything done because I’d be spread too thin. As good as the mod looks, I won’t get it if I can’t find a way around this issue.


  • bee1977bee1977 Posts: 613 Member
    No there isn't. It's a limitation of the mod and you can only follow one child/teen sim to school at a time. The others would go to the rabbit hole.
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  • SiladriaSiladria Posts: 33 Member
    Sorry to co-opt this, but it seemed silly to make a whole additional thread for the same mod.

    My questions are these:

    My teacher sims don't earn any money from teaching. Is this because they haven't yet unlocked the special teaching levels in the career? Some of them have families and I was hoping they'd be paid. It's alright if it's not right away, but I wanted to make sure.

    Next, if I were to place more than one high school or elementary school - so one of each in Willow Creek, and one of each in Oasis Springs, and one of each in Sulani for example, would they conflict? Or would they only draw students from the worlds they're in?

    I want to prevent kids in Sulani from going to school in Willow Creek because that's weird lol.

    Thank you so much!
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