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Do You Use MCCC?

RouensimsRouensims Posts: 1,941 Member
edited July 2019 in Gameplay Mods
Do you use MCCC, and if so, which parts?

I downloaded it last night, hoping it could fix a problem I'm having with relationships. It didn't, and I was really happy to uninstall MCCC. There were way too many ways it could change my game in ways I didn't like. I also tried MCCC Woohoo. It seems like some of MCCC's default settings make changes to the game, rather than having all of the default settings leaving the game in default status, so if I hadn't taken the time to look at every setting, things might have been changed that I didn't want changed. I also didn't like seeing the secret formulas behind the curtain, like what percentage chance abductees have to become pregnant in a regular game. I like it to be an interesting mystery.

With that said, I can also see how people who don't like vanilla Sims would love this! It has a million settings to help you control many aspects of the game. The aspects it controls just don't happen to be the aspects I want controlled. For example, I get a kick out of townies showing up in ridiculous outfits. 😁

It was very easy to install, and once I learned that you access settings through a game computer, it was pretty easy to configure.
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  • MaggieMarleyMaggieMarley Posts: 3,792 Member
    edited August 2019
    I mostly use it so for story progression purposes. So, the features I use most are the pregnancy and marriage settings, to enable unplayed sims to have families of their own. Apart from that, I also use the ‘freeze physique’ option a lot and the one which makes a sim leave the lot immediately. Sometimes I use it to stop sims autonomously doing certain actions such as grabbing a drink (I had one sim who would do this every 5 seconds if unattended and it was driving me up the wall). Sometimes if my sim has already completed an aspiration task but before that stage in the aspiration so it hasn’t registered, I’ll use MCCC to mark that aspiration task as complete. I also sometimes use MCCC to speed up vampire XP gain. Occasionally I use MC woohoo to give a chance of accidental pregnancy. Oh and if I’m getting too many alien abductions I’ll use MCCC to change the chance of a pregnancy resulting to 0.

    I use MCCC’s settings do that any two same sex sims can try for a baby together. It’s kind of annoying to have to go into CAS and set the gender options every time. And I have also used it for elder pregnancy in the past.

    ETA: I use MCCC to stop friendship and romantic relationship decay. I almost forgot that I do this because it’s such a staple feature of my play.
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  • MidnightAuraMidnightAura Posts: 5,542 Member
    I don’t use it.

    Not because it’s not an excellent mod. Because it is. It keeps the game alive at the very least and stops your worlds turning into ghost towns after a generation or two.

    I stopped simply because I don’t play the sims 4 enough to keep up to date with its frequent updates and while Deaderpool is incredibly quick with updates, I was just finding it a pain to keep up to date.

    When the sims 4 ends I would install it, no question.
  • nerdfashionnerdfashion Posts: 5,566 Member
    I use it sometimes, but mostly only for the Risky WooHoo part it adds and making cheats easier. But then I got UI Cheats Extension, so I don't really use it any more.
  • SiliCloneSiliClone Posts: 2,560 Member
    You can turn off everything you don't want from it... I turned off autonomous marriage of townies right now along with pregnancy... The good thing about MCCC is that nothing is forced. You have a lot to read to understand every setting though. I use it to slow down the game time for example.
  • GalacticGalGalacticGal Posts: 16,050 Member
    Personally, I love the MCCC mod and am heavily reliant on it. I am still a novice at it, however. There's just so much to it. I go the the MCCC help thread to ask questions, especially when I can't figure it out on my own. Sorry you couldn't correct your game problem.
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  • PlainConeyPlainConey Posts: 40 Member
    I use it mostly for my roleplaying saves, since it's easier to just dress up a townie in the same victorian outfit without having to load cas. or to force dogs and cats on all households, because if you can't be a god, at least you can have pets.
  • LilacxLilacx Posts: 76 Member
    No, I don’t use it. It just feels way too overwhelming for me and I’ve never fully looked into it. I never felt the need to have it either.
  • GooseyGoosey Posts: 118 Member
    edited August 2019
    I use MCCC all the time. Everything it does I find useful like disabling all the annoying buggy autonomous actions that waste time is one thing.

    Also I find it really useful how you can import all the customized clothing and body/face changes from a library saved preset onto another sim.

    It makes changing your sim really fast since you can load up either only the body/face changes or also the clothing ones of a sim you already made and just import it onto another sim. Saves countless hours of tedious work.

    Also being able to protect all or selected sims you want from culling(permanent character deletion from the game) is great so you never have to fear them being lost forever.

    Its the power of being able to micromanage every single point of the game I like about it, it can let you control almost everything. Without it, i find the game annoying and I wouldn't be able to play it without it.
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  • gettpsgettps Posts: 263 Member
    I love it. Been using it for ages. I don't think there's much there I haven't used.
  • pnr8555pnr8555 Posts: 18 Member
    Used it for many stuffs as a rotational player. From outfit control, to sometimes forcing disliked/despised sims out of the venue lots. Used together with many of TwistedMexi's mods.
  • telemwilltelemwill Posts: 262 Member
    Yes, but I am still learning how to use it. I have all the story progression turned off as I don't like that, but I like the dresser, the cheats when I am making a character to suit a story, and, more than anything else, the ability to make Sims leave. Just get off my lawn!
  • ibaeshaCibaeshaC Posts: 679 Member
    It's the one mod that is a must have for me. I'm the opposite of the poster above in that I use it for story progression primarily and don't generally bother with the dresser. It's just so useful for a variety of reasons/gameplay styles. Since I'm a binge Sims player, updates are easy for me. I just keep my settings file and plop in the updated mccc files when I want to play again. I'm so thankful for Deaderpool for always working on it and keeping it up to date for us at no charge.
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  • SS_DrakonSS_Drakon Posts: 17 Member
    Yea I also really like MCCC, easy way to remove minor annoyances that may occur
  • CaptainElsaCaptainElsa Posts: 226 Member
    Before I downloaded it, I read over and over again (on here) that once you start using it, it changes the game so much you can't play without it...and it's so true! At least for me, lol. I love being able to control NPCs and boost story progression by changing skill levels, relationships, etc. I was able to set up an entire multi-neighborhood Fairy Tale world by manipulating the relationships with MCCC. For example, Little Red Riding Hood's grandma is in a different neighborhood and Maleficent needed to have a contentious relationship with multiple sims early on...
  • thegirls2012thegirls2012 Posts: 7 New Member
    I use it (mainly) for the pregnancies. I also love the skill cheat - makes it LOADS easier than entering everything manually.
  • SimAlexandriaSimAlexandria Posts: 3,750 Member
    I used to but lately I have been playing without. (last couple of months). When I start a new save I might add it back.
  • HermitgirlHermitgirl Posts: 8,198 Member
    No ... the only reason I'd be interested is for townie clothing restriction options but it's a really big mod to use just for that.. and the set up looked intimidating to me when I did look into it. I'd rather put up with bad dressing than update something every month.
  • VaniliciousVanilicious Posts: 31 Member
    Yes, i use it. I know story progression is the "most popular" part of the mod maybe, but i don't like it, so i turn off all about it, i turn off marriages, and a lot of stuff, a LOT... I only use some parts of the mod. i won't changes in the famillys of the game. but the mod have another things very usefull.
  • AndyDanielAndyDaniel Posts: 67 Member
    edited September 2019
    I originally got it for one reason -- to stop the game from generating all the random sims. I have an older computer and felt that fewer NPCs meant smaller saves and better performance. Since then it's proven to be a treasure trove of tweaks and settings, large and small. I don't know what I'd do without it.

    * Stop constant dish washing, getting glasses of water, anything else annoying
    * Narrowing ridiculous shoulder widths on extremely fit sims (Hey Maxis, shoulder bones dont grow wider when you pack on muscle!)
    * Changing walk style, voice, etc. of NPCs without loading CAS
    * Pay bills automatically
    * Get rid of romantic progress bar on sims that flirt by mistake
    * Change into regular outfit after work
    * Add/remove money, skills, aspirations, career steps
    * Copy and paste body and clothing from one sim onto another
    * Reduce total number of sims that can appear on a lot
    And 1000 other things. It's not overwhelming at all if you just install it and then tweak each small annoyance as needed.

    The one thing I did not like was when I first loaded up MCCC it had default settings to marry off NPC sims, put them into empty houses all over the world, and start making babies. I figured out how to disable all of this and started a new save, and since then it's been smooth sailing. My game saves are reasonable and I don't get crazy lag like I used to get all the time. I wish the default settings were completely flat with an opt-in for the auto-generated families, but it's not a problem.

    If you are trying to run minimal saves, the other biggie is NPCC, which seems to work well with MCCC. If you want a certain sim to be the pizza delivery guy or mailman, this is your go-to mod. You can either pick the sim's new career, or graft the body and clothing from another sim onto an existing career sim using MCCC. NPCC also causes the game to re-use sims that you already have set up as bartenders, yoga instructors, etc., instead of creating several new ones for every job.
  • KiaraSims4ModsKiaraSims4Mods Posts: 2,742 Member
    Yes, the story progression is the biggest reason why. Like imagine Sims not having kids, getting married, divorced, etc around you.
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  • Destin2016Destin2016 Posts: 489 Member
    I use it. I wouldn’t play without it.
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  • IrdiwenIrdiwen Posts: 567 Member
    Yes, for story progression as I play a legacy. And sometimes to know beforehand what gender the baby will be.
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  • RouensimsRouensims Posts: 1,941 Member
    edited October 2019
    Thanks for all of your insightful responses! I guess I'll try MCCC again. I'm still having relationship culling even though I installed Bienchen's less relationship culling mod. I really don't like that culling exists. Last time I played my Sim, he had a big party with all his friends, and they lit the holiday tree together. I just returned to his household. He doesn't have all his friends anymore, but the sad lonely holiday tree is still in his living room. 😥

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