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How do I organize my Mods folder when it comes to gameplay mods?

I recently downloaded a bunch of mods and like majority of them are gameplay mods, one adds more traits, and I also have animations. I'm not sure how to organize it without messing it up. When I looked it up I incessantly see guides on stuff for CC but I don't have any thing like that. If it was just hair this would be simple. I don't know if I can put all mods from like LittleMsSam or whatever it's called together without messing up anything. Am I allowed to put all files from two game play mods that go hand in hand with the animations in just one folder? I can't really find help on just gameplay mods or script files only stuff for hair/clothes etc.


  • logionlogion Posts: 777 Member
    You can organize gameplay mods however you want in the mods folder without any problems usually, some mod makers recommend that you just put their mods in one folder in the mods folder and not any further sub folder, that's mostly for heavy script mods like MCCC. You also can't separate the .script file with the corresponding .package file.

    I have separate folders sorted by creator, and I also have one folder that I call "No-Mods" which are mods that disable things from the game, which is useful because mods like that tend to break with patches.
  • DeadInsid3_plur2EDMDeadInsid3_plur2EDM Posts: 44 Member
    @logion So basically all my animations the .package files I can literally just put them in one folder and they'll be okay with other mods that use this specific animation? Have you heard of things called A modder file when downloading a mod? It said right next to it not a mod so maybe it was just instructions that I didn't need to necessarily put in my game? Also two more questions if that's okay I noticed a Json file and a xml file in my mods folder when downloading a bunch of stuff is it safe to delete these?
  • aldavoraldavor Posts: 1,289 Member
    edited July 2019
    Basically, the only files you need (or should have) in your Mods folder and its hierarchy are .package and .ts4script files. The program knows where to look based on the Resource.cfg file which should be in the top level Mods folder. The script files (.ts4script) should not be in any folder deeper than one level of the main Mods folder, so you can have .ts4script in /Mods or /Mods/foldename but no deeper i.e. if you put them into /Mods/foldername/anotherfolder they wouldn't be picked up. As stated, also, related script and package files should be kept together.

    Hope this helps :)
  • DeadInsid3_plur2EDMDeadInsid3_plur2EDM Posts: 44 Member
    So then files that are only .package can all go into one folder regardless what they are if they aren't script files? That's mostly what you'll ever see if a script file or package file correct? Unless it's things like build buy more?
  • aldavoraldavor Posts: 1,289 Member
    Technically, yes, but personally it would depend on how many mods or CC you use. If it's only a few then yes, but once you start to build up, it's a better idea to create folders such as 'CAS', 'Indoor', 'Build' etc and start to organise your CC in that way. Bottom line, the very basic is to have only .package and .ts4script files in your Mods folder (as well as the Resource.cfg file of course) and also bearing in mind the constraints I previously mentioned.
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