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The Sims 4 - Dynamic Developers - Monthly Build Challenges



  • JosieAnglinJosieAnglin Posts: 567 Member
    Oh! I love building challenges! I just saw this so it’s too late for this month.

    I have a question. I’m wondering why you aren’t posting this in the builders section. I bet you’d get more people to enter! (It’s under the Lots section. There’s many building challenges there and builders hang out there, too!)

    Lol, I have no idea! I will change it, thanks for suggesting it!
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  • JosieAnglinJosieAnglin Posts: 567 Member

    Martin Lake Luxury Cruise is a beautiful boat hotel! The exterior of the ship is beautiful! I love the pathway leading up to enter into the boat, decorated with lights, benches, and shrubbery! I love that you included so much to do on the ship! The pool area is nice and spacious enough for lots of sims to hang out there! I love the top deck of the ship with the dance floor and bar! The dining area is beautifully designed! I love that you included a laundry room on the ship, it fits in so well!


    Sulani Cruise Liner is a wonderful boat hotel! I love that you made it based around Sulani! I love the exterior of the ship with the logo on the side! I love all of the lounge chairs around the pool, there's plenty of room for sims to enjoy being in the pool! I adore the inside/outside bar, that's a very cool design! I love the kitchen/dining area with the pops of purple! The gym on the ship is a very nice addition! I love the darker lounge/bar areas, they look very VIP! The spa rooms are a very nice idea on the boat as well, sims will love to relax while they enjoy being on the boat!


    SS Magnolia is such a detailed build! I love the exterior with the other boat and the boarding dock! You put so much detail into the shape and design of your boat! I love that you included a captain's room with monitors for navigation and a wheel! The small details in this build are so lovely! The pool area and bars look so nice and relaxing! I love how classy the dining area and luxury bedrooms are! The outside seating areas look so nice!


    Cruise Ship: Helios is an awesome build! I love that you created a gift shop on the shore! Your ship is nicely designed! I love that it's a smaller ship! It includes everything that sims may need while on a nice vacation on the ocean! I love that you included a piano in the dining area for sims to relax to nice music while they eat! The chess tables provide entertainment to all sim ages while on board! Your lounge with the DJ booth and dance floor looks nice and is a great addition to your ship! I love the look of the lounge chairs at the front of the ship!


    Simsational Cruise Line is a nice large build! I love the size of your ship! The helicopter and small life boats on the top deck looks very nice and is an awesome detail to your build! I love the steam vents as well! I love that you provided sims so much to do while aboard! The gym, the control rooms, the kids outside center, and the gaming room are all great additions to your build! I love the outside cafe with seating along the side of the boat for sims to sit and enjoy the view!

    Thank you everyone for participating! I have submitted you all for Maxis Favs :)
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  • JosieAnglinJosieAnglin Posts: 567 Member

    Welcome builders! Your challenge for the month of September is to build a fashion headquarter business building! See below for a full list of requirements, good luck and have fun!


    Your Objective:

    - Build a fashion headquarter business building.


    - This build must be a lot.
    - You must include:
    • A reception area.
    • At least 2 photography rooms.
    • An office for the CEO.
    • A conference room.

    Additional Notes:

    - Other ideas for your build (these are NOT required, just ideas to give you more inspiration):
    • An employee lounge.
    • Model changing rooms.
    • Editorial/design rooms.
    • Smaller offices for employees.
    - You do NOT have to have the Moschino pack to participate!
    - Please remember, no custom content is allowed in these builds.
    - Everyone will be nominated for the builds they create for Maxis favs!


    Be creative!

    You have one month for this challenge.

    Entries Close:

    Monday, September 30th at 6:00PM USA (CT)

    The New Challenge Will Be Posted:

    Tuesday, October 1st at 9:00AM USA (CT)

    Remember to add #DDM OR #DynamicDevelopersM to your description on the gallery.

    Entry form:

    Origin ID:
    Forum ID:
    Gallery Name Of Build:
    Gallery Link:
    Additional Notes:

    Street View:
    Top View: (show the layout)
    Additional Images:
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  • SimGirl4lyfe91SimGirl4lyfe91 Posts: 2 New Member
    these are amazing builds !!!!! im so sad i missed the deadlines for the past two challenges
  • TaoronTaoron Posts: 1,773 Member
    The September build is going to be fun! I'm already getting a ton of ideas and have a pretty cool building outline.
  • lzbthnndglslzbthnndgls Posts: 225 Member
    edited September 2019
    Entry Form

    Origin ID: lzbthnndgls
    Forum ID:lzbthnndgls
    Gallery Name Of Build:Fashion Fever
    Gallery Link: Fashion Fever
    Size: 40x30
    Type: Retail
    Additional Notes: After many months of figuring out where best to build their new headquarters, Simlish Styles has decided to build HQ in Magnolia Promenade. Sure it's just HQ, but you can also shop the latest fashions, straight from the runway. Oh, did I mention the runway? Yes, Fashion Fever has a runway. Office space for a CEO, President of kids' clothing, and 4 paper pushers. Plus, there are two private photography rooms, three makeup and wardrobe rooms, one of which is adjacent to the runway so models don't have to run across the building to get their makeup done. The best part of the building might just be the fabric room where the designers work their magic and create new looks. Once you've toured the building, grab a snack in our break room and head down to the first floor to have lunch with some of our designers. Welcome, to Simlish Styles, where all the most stylish sims get their clothes.

    Street Views:
    Front Left
    Back Street (Same as the front but worked better for a pic because Magnolia Promenade has a palm tree right in the middle of the front)
    Front Right

    Aerial Views:
    2nd Floor
    1st Floor
    Runway and Backstage Areas
    Fabric Room and Break Room
    Makeup Room 2, Photo Room 2, CEO Office

    Room Views featuring the DeLuca Family and 8 very nerdy scientists who have no idea what they're doing and some NPCs that are just tryna shop:
    Conference Room
    Fabric Room
    CEO Office
    Photo Room 1
    Break Room
    Makeup Room 1
    Makeup Room 2
    Employees looking happy in the lounge/reception area
    Paper Pusher Office 1
    Second Floor Balcony. Rooms from left to right: CEO office, Photo Room 2, Makeup Room 2, and 2 Paper Pusher offices.

    Bonus: It looks sooooo pretty on the map!

    I had a lot of good pictures so it was hard to decide. I had a lot of fun building this and testing it out. It works fabulously. Idk how it will work with Moschino stuff pack because I don't have that, but it works great as a Retail lot/a fun place to do a runway shoot. Hope you all enjoy and Happy Simming!
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  • rosemowrosemow Posts: 154,165 Member
    Fashion Fever is such a very creatively designed and furnished Fashion HQ build! @lzbthnndgls :) It is so very detailed and each area looks so very great! Very nice red carpet runway with lights either sides! The Fabric room and clothing on the floor to reflect the fabric looks great! Very stylish CEO office! The pink, white and black colour scheme is very nice! The colourful and patterned floor rugs in the rooms look very great and suit the fashion HQ theme so well! Very nice exterior design of the building! The glass roofing is very nice and great type of windows used.
    It is a very nice fashion headquarters themed build! :)
  • lzbthnndglslzbthnndgls Posts: 225 Member
    @rosemow Thank you so much!
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  • SpecialKHSpecialKH Posts: 36 Member
    edited September 2019
    Origin ID: GND968
    Forum ID: SpecialKH
    Gallery Name Of Build: Nod & Nope Talent Agency
    Gallery Link:
    Additional Notes:

    Nod and Nope Talent Agency has nodded to the right talent and said nope to those who have none. Known to have a nose for talent, Mr. Drew A. Nope and Mr. Lowell Nod have finally made it big. Now they spend their days in large offices with a view from the top floor, with an assistant steps away to, well, assist.

    First Floor: Lobby/Reception in central atrium open to skylight, Cubicles, Media/Creative Department, Break room, rest rooms, hair/nails/makeup for models
    Second Floor: Photo studios, model wardrobe/fittings areas, dressing rooms and bathrooms plus award gallery
    Third Floor: Executive suites - two spacious corner offices each with meeting space and wet bar, executive assistant/waiting room area. Also bathrooms and conference room that overlooks atrium.

    Street View:

    Top View: (show the layout)
    With Roof:
    Without Roof (Top/3rd Floor):
    2nd Floor:
    1st Floor:

    Additional Images:
    Front Zoomed Out
    Looking down on lobby from 3rd Floor
    Back Hallway/Restrooms
    View from 3rd Floor conference room
    Creative Department:
    Break room:
    Executive office w/ admin
    Hair & Makeup:
    Dressing Room, bath & a bit of photo studio
    Ready for a swim shoot!
    Award Gallery, second level mezzanine:
    I'm GND968 in the Gallery.
  • rosemowrosemow Posts: 154,165 Member
    Nod and Nope Talent Agency is a very lovely build! @SpecialKH :) Very nice modern exterior design, large glass windows, and the interior layout and furnishing of each area is very nice! Very nice glass roofing and the atrium area is very nice ! The awards gallery nook with the golden and red rope looks great! Very nice Creative Department room and the colourful patterned floor rug adds a nice look to the room. The design of the hair and makeup area is very nice. The photo studio room is great!
    Each area of the build is designed and furnished so very nice! :)
  • SpecialKHSpecialKH Posts: 36 Member
    @rosemow Thank you! These challenges are fun!
    I'm GND968 in the Gallery.
  • TaoronTaoron Posts: 1,773 Member
    Entry form: Fashion Headquarters

    Origin ID: Taoron24121

    Forum ID: Taoron

    Gallery Name Of Build: Style Incorporated

    Gallery Link: HERE!

    Additional Notes: 4 Story Fashion Building: Open Plan/Modern Office Setting with natural light. 1st Floor Reception Area, Reception Office and Kitchenette, 2 Collaboration Workshop Areas, Fashion Display; Outer Building holds the Advertising Division. 2nd Floor: Suspended Meeting AreaCollab Area, Cafe, Gardens, Relax Conference Room, Bathrooms; 3rd Floor: Offices, CEO Office and Secretary Office, Executive Bath, 4th Floor: Model Lounge, Dressing Rooms, Bathrooms/Showers, Photography Rooms

    Street View:

    Top View: (show the layout)

    Additional Images:
    1st Floor:
    Colllaboration Area
    Advertising Offices
    Spring Clothing Display
    Relaxed Conference Room

    2nd Floor:
    Suspended Conference/Collab. Area
    Walkway Betwen the two Buildings

    3rd Floor:
    CEO Office
    CEO PA Office
    Executive bath

    4th Floor:
    Model Waiting Area
    Dressing Room
    Model Bath/Shower
    Winter Clothing Display
    Photo Rooms

  • rosemowrosemow Posts: 154,165 Member
    Style Incorporated is such a very special and detailed fashion headquarters build! @Taoron :) The design,layout and furnishing of each area and level of the build looks very great! The large glass windows are very nice, bringing in nice natural light. The Spring and Winter clothing windows displays are very nice! It looks great the way the stairs have been used. The build would have involved such a lot of time and work! It is a very stylishly nice fashion build! :)
  • TaoronTaoron Posts: 1,773 Member
    Thank you again, @rosemow =)
  • Archer_GirlArcher_Girl Posts: 194 Member
    edited September 2019
    Origin ID: saturnspoon
    Forum ID: Archer-Girl
    Gallery Name Of Build: Fashion Mag Startup
    Gallery Link:

    The old full-service gas station, that sits on the large corner lot of Bridgeview in Newcrest, has been closed down for many years. The owner of the property has decided to lease it out but he's not too keen on changing least not the exterior. Celeste Finney was a very successful model when she was young and now she's ready to turn her creative passions to starting up a lifestyle and fashion magazine. She looks at the old gas station and thinks there's no way she can turn this into a headquarters...just no way...but the owner is offering a sweet lease deal and gives permission to have the interior renovated to suit the magazine's needs. So Celeste partnered up with Saturnspoon Builders and together they have attempted to create a quirky, retro but sophisticated little fashion studio. Let's wish Celeste and Town & Sim Magazine all the success!

    Additional Images:
    Imgur Album:

    Street View:

    Top View:
    *Additional Top View Pics of Each Floor in Imgur Album*

  • rosemowrosemow Posts: 154,165 Member
    You are so very creative to design a fashion hq in an old gas station venue! @Archer_Girl :) You have done it so very well! The outdoors roof covered gas pumps areas looks great! It is great there is a food stand there and the murals on the garage doors look great ! Very nice furnishing of each area of the interior! Very nice furnishing of the three dressing rooms! The cat walk area with the garage door at the end wall and brick wall texture looks great! Very nice wall of fame feature! Very nice black and yellow colour scheme of the Creative Directors offices! The photos on the photo studio wall is a nice touch.
    There are many special details throughout the build! :)
  • TaoronTaoron Posts: 1,773 Member
    Nice build @Archer_Girl
  • JosieAnglinJosieAnglin Posts: 567 Member
    Hi everyone!

    Just a reminder as the month is coming to an end, the challenge is too!

    6 days left until the challenge is finished and a new one is posted on October 1st!
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  • JosieAnglinJosieAnglin Posts: 567 Member
    Hi everyone!

    Just a reminder 2 days left until the challenge is finished and a new one is posted on October 1st!
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  • gemchiaragemchiara Posts: 97 Member
    Wondering when the October challenge will be posted!
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