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Simdia is on the exchange.

KarilynMonroe2KarilynMonroe2 Posts: 1,303 Member
Simdia items

World Adventures
Late Night
Fast Lane Stuff

Store Content:
World-Sunlit Tides (Most of the trees are from this world)
Mother Russia (Palaces and Taj Mahal)
India Inspirations Collection
Dreams of India
Kingdom of Cambodia bed and bath
Morocco Mystique
Fabulous Fiesta
Drifters Desire
Live, Laugh, Love
Bohemian Garden
Hacienda Luxury
Worldly Goodies
Brunch at the Old Mill
Villa Paraiso
The Monarch Suite
Country Livin (the chicken coop, mainly)
Business as Usual Bistro
Le Cinema Plumbob
The Now and Then Country Manor
Muse Luxury
Last Venue of Amore
Deliciously Indulgent Bakery
Al Fresco Street Market
Serenity Retreat
Savvy Seller set
Indulgent Living
Golden Ticket Toy Shop
Jazz Age Living Room
Club Vaindenburger Study
Hibiscus Trio
Full Regal Living Set

Put this folder in your Mods-Packages folder so that the sunlit tides trees will show up, having the world installed is not enough, you need to have this folder.

Now you can download it from the exchange

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