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Tutorial-exclusive traits

So I read that to get the "career-minded" and "over-achiever" traits, you have to complete the tutorial. I started a new game and completed the tutorial. Was expecting my sim to get both traits in the end, but I only got the "over-achiever" trait. The other one is nowhere to be seen in the simology panel, and I don't really want to use cheats to obtain it. What happened? Help, please! :/:o


  • Derp_SimSelfDerp_SimSelf Posts: 1 New Member
    Same issue here :/
  • Prink34321Prink34321 Posts: 3 New Member
    The Tutorial is still extremely buggy despite having been released over a year and a half ago. I can't even complete it because it locks me out of doing the final objectives (fishing, travelling etc.).
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