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Nice Knowing Ya!

Considering this post is concerning my reaction (i.e. feedback) to recent forum issues, I hope this isn't deemed "off topic".
Yet another of my comments has been deleted by administration for something insignificant. I was responding to someone's response to me and it was deemed "off topic". The judgement of what's worthy of removal seems to be getting more and more pedantic and conversations on these threads are feeling less and less organic. It's gotten to where my trust level has gotten too low for tolerance, never sure anymore whether my carefully articulated thoughts will be binned because someone decided there was some small thing they didn't like. That and given their typical unwillingness to consider or discuss that they might be wrong is making this site feel more like a totalitarian state (they'll probably take this post down rather than permit overt criticism of their methods to remain open to view.) That said, for me, enough is enough. I've had a good run on this forum and met some really great people, but the anxiety these deletions are causing me mean it's time for me to step away. For those of you whose company I've enjoyed over the last year-and-a-half, as the title says, it was nice knowing you. That said, I'm out. It might be for a while, it might be for good, but either way, I've had enough.
Happy Simming, and know that I still appreciate the community this forum was meant to represent.
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